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  1. I have't met a web designer or developer yet who had claim to make a professional website without facing any challenges. In my web designing career i have faced may challenges over the year, here is my experience in facing the challenges of a web developer. First of all it is very difficult to tell the cost of one project before we begin it and the client always ask me this question that how much it is going to cost. It is very difficult to agree on a budget upfront because no one knows how much time and effort one project can consume before we finish it. Clients always seem for forget to ment
  2. LoL seeing this make me feel old. What a revolution that was in computer world. i liked working on DOS but the invention of Windows has made everything much easier.
  3. Thank God i have ditched this game. It was driving me crazy. All of my family was playing back then and i played that game for hours to keep me ahead of them he he
  4. Duck Hunt, Mario, Sonic, Streets of Rage damn i was a video game junkie back then.
  5. Highly addictive, the new levels and strategies will not let you get bored while playing this game. Only issue is that you wont get much live to continue if you start loosing.
  6. WoW, i dont know that Xiomi is producing such good phones for gaming. I am sticking with my iPhone X though 😀
  7. I think gaming enthusiast like to overclock there computer to get better gaming experience.
  8. HTML coding was the first thing i learned when i start learning web designing.
  9. Hello and welcome, this is a great place to learn and share your experience with other web developers.
  10. Hi there, welcome to Prodjex forum. You are on the right place to learn about web designing.
  11. Hi there, welcome here. i am also new here and hoping to learn some good new techniques for my work.
  12. If you are planning to use this laptop for at least couple of years then go for i5 and 8gb ram with at least 1gb vga card. You wont need to change it soon unless you decide to join the graphic designing too.
  13. I all, my name is Carly Swinson. I am a web designer and developer from Manchester UK. I like cats and learning advance web design techniques through chats. My ffavorite meal is Happy Meal from McDonald and I got a whole lot of toy collection in my room :D
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