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  1. Kaushik

    no sound

    Possible problems 1) Computer speakers volume is low 2) Drivers are not installed 3) Drivers are not updated 4) Hardware problems in the wiring Solutions: 1) Restarting your system 2)Sound test available in the system 3) Plugging out and plugging in the speakers 4) Increasing speaker volume 5) Trying the speakers on the laptop
  2. I still use Internet explorer in my daily work. I use them to make sure the XML files are as per required format or not. It throws an error if the file is incorrect or the tags are not closed or if there is a mismatch with the line no and column no so it is a very handy browser for testing purposes.
  3. Social media is good if you use it positively. You can connect with your friends, have fun in group chats and share some amazing videos and pictures. If you use it for negative things such as using it for threatening activities, hacking your friend's profile by sneaking in their passwords, abusing and harassing women, involving in dirty politics, then there is a chance you might have to meet a police officer very soon.
  4. Kaushik

    Remember these times?

    Windows 95 was a hit version of the Operating System makers. It ran on many systems around the world and people became used to it for a while before Windows 99 was launched. It was certainly faster than the previous versions and had many more options.
  5. Kaushik

    Favorite Brand Processor

    Having used Intel and AMD both, I would pick Intel. I started off with Intel Pentium 4 and the journey has been great. Right now, I am using intel core i5 3.2GHz on my laptop and it is really good. I never had any kind of performance issues and it is going on smoothly. It has a decent cache memory so the speed is amazing.
  6. Kaushik

    Can a hacker catch a hacker more easily?

    Well not certainly, but they will have a higher chance in doing so. Because they are hackers themselves, they will have a better idea as to where to start and how to proceed further. They will try it out in their own secret ways which a normal engineer would not be aware of. Hackers are mostly inside the organization, they get to all everything and then use it all against their organization.
  7. Kaushik

    Is HTML/CSS/JScript the best start for a beginner?

    Learning HTML/CSS would be the perfect choice. HTML would be the perfect choice for a beginner. It allows you to create majority of the webpage and adding CSS to it would make it look even more beautiful. Later on, you can learn javascript for form validations and to add even more functionality to your website.
  8. Kaushik

    Monthly or yearly payment?

    Yearly payments are better. Hosting costs would be a lot lesser if taken on an yearly basis and it would warrant some discounts from the provider because you are buying the yearly package in advance at once.
  9. Kaushik

    What Was Your First Programming Language?

    I was first introduced to programming via the C programming language. My faculty was brilliant in explaining all the concepts of C with illustrative programs covering all the topics. Pointers was a bit difficult to understand in the beginning, but as time passed by, I got used to all the concepts. C is the best language to learn if you want to dive into programming. The laboratory sessions were very attractive as we were given some very useful tasks and it was out first interaction with the computer so everyone of us was very enthusiastic.
  10. The JOIN command in the SQL is a powerful too to combine the results from multiple tables into a single view. This is very useful when you want data from two tables having a common column or without any common columns. There is INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER JOIN which serve different purposes. I was wondering if anyone uses JOINS in their day to day work or in any specialized projects.
  11. Kaushik

    When there is a new member spamming

    If his first few posts are itself trying to promote other websites, it is better to block/ban him from posting further. Marketing on other forums is strictly prohibited and should be carefully monitored by the group administrators. This has become an issue nowadays with people working as a marketing freelancer for popular sites.
  12. Kaushik

    Malware Removal Tools

    Malware Bytes is a very popular anti malware software. It is recommended to install by many of the popular security companies and public. I have purchased the license for the Malware Bytes total protection and I am going to have it installed on my laptop once my Kaspersky license finishes.
  13. For my laptop it is the standard 15.6'' I feel it is the best size for a laptop. It is just comfortable for viewing not too large like a TV and not too small like a tablet to give trouble to work on some documents. I personally love the laptop and for my PC it is 21''. It needs to be above 20'' for a good view and watching movies and playing games.
  14. It is always good to check the reputation of the freelancer before giving work to him. Also make sure you do not pay him entirely. A part of the amount should be paid after the job is complete and if you are satisfied with it.
  15. Kaushik

    Why Does iOS Cost More?

    It is the brand image that Apple has in the market and also technology wise, it is good. Performance wise, it is better than most of its competitors and so it has acquired a good brand image for itself in the market.