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  1. Tik tok is gaining popularity these days. I hope it becomes successful like Dubsmash and give us some more entertainment in the future. I have been getting a lot of ads on my internet search and on facebook relating to Tik Tok these days.
  2. Kaushik


    Testing is really crucial. I have been a beta tester and used tools such as selenium and QTP for testing purposes. Automation testing is much easier when compared to manual testing and you get the reports immediately. Manual testing involving going through the code thoroughly and making sure each line is executed at least once by taking into consideration many cases.
  3. You need to have some solid content in your site first. Merely having images and just a few lines of content would not qualify the site for monetization. You can use Google adsense if you have good content and consistent visitors. Build up content and monitor your visitor count. Market your site well on social media and other free channels.
  4. Both are equally good. It all depends on the situation. If you are a frequent traveler, then a laptop would suit you more because its portable and you can connect to Internet via USB dongles easily. A desktop requires stable Internet collectivity and hence it is more suited who work from home.
  5. I made some cool games using Python as my mini project at college. I was learning the course on Coursera and the course required us to submit 7 games which were graded by the peers. It was such a good course and we made some small games like Blackjack, Stopclock, Ping Pong with the help of object oriented concepts of Python and Rice University's free online environment Codeskulptor I made some cool games using Python as my mini project at college. I was learning the course on Coursera and the course required us to submit 7 games which were graded by the peers. It was such a good course an
  6. These days, there is not much to do on Facebook. To many advertisements and paid promotions feature in my feed and it is irritating. I see a lot of marketplace ads as well. I feel Facebook is losing its charm. It was wonderful in the early 2010's when it was at it's peak.
  7. This query will run through the entire database and will take time and consume system memory. What are you using this selxrion set for? I do not see any purpose in selecting random data from a database. Perhaps you might find it useful in testing a sample.
  8. If you are not good at something, don't try to do it yourself. You will not only get the job done but spoil all the hardwork you had done so far. Hire an expert to do it for you. It might cost you money but trust me, in the end you will realize you did a fine job by letting the expert handle the things for you.
  9. Hello guys, the problem is now solved. The hardware engineer told me it was due to a loose contact of the dvd drive and the also the audio and video cards were not fully inserted into their slots.
  10. Nothing is for free. Freewares will work like a free product. Do not expect much from free softwares. Professional applications are pricy because they do the work that you want. Photoshop is a very popular software from Adobe and many people are buying the license because they are trained people and know how to utilise the application better.
  11. Facebook hosts the presence of about 60% of the internet presence on the planet which is a great number and promoting your site or blog on such a platform that too for no cost is a big big bonus in my opinion. Just create a catchy group add some people into it and leave it as public. Thats it, you can start promoting your business straight away.
  12. We use Outlook as our official email id in my organization. Outlook has a simplified interface helps keep track of important incoming mails and sort them according to the importance attached with them. Also, I can create custom folders and move emails from selected senders directly into that folder instead of them coming to my mailbox which is quite effective.
  13. It is owned by Facebook, the social networking giant which is hugely popular. It has a nice and easy interface to navigate and share photographs. Besides all these, the filters are amazing. Also you can protect your account which prevents misuse of your photographs and you can control who can see your pics.
  14. I would not allow outbound links on my forum. The forum is only meant for discussion on specified topics and not to promote any other site or promote your own pages/blog/website. Sticking to the rules of the forum would result in healthy discussions among members and keep the atmosphere intact.
  15. I have never used vimeo services. I have lived YouTube even since I started watching videos and listening to songs. It's interact is very easy to navigate and the search is powerful with millions of results getting compiled in less than a second. Also most of the videos are available in HD these days on YouTube.
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