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  1. Well since you're going to have a large amount of traffic, then I would suggest you to get a hosting suitable for that. Just go for BlueHost. I always recommend it. It's cheap, user friendly, and effective.
  2. Obviously you can Google for help, or even "YouTube" for a better idea. But if you're too lazy you can just use a template offered by free website hosting services.
  3. I'm very good at designs, as I'm a creative person. I could do the job for 50% cheaper to be honest, because I think what you're offering is quite a lot, and I would feel bad to take so much from you.
  4. I have GoogleAdSense, but I thought it can only be beneficial with ads on YouTube. because they force you to watch them, no?
  5. I would pay for web designs, because I'm terrible at that. I'm not a good designer overall, because I'm not creative enough. I can also write the codes for the games myself, but lack the ideas sadly.
  6. I used to upload on YouTube, until I've quit it. The whole copyright policy gets absurd. I get that companies want to protect the individual rights of a person, but during these days almost anything can get flagged for copyright and etc.
  7. Browser games are fun and easy to make, there are even templates out there. But I noticed best browser games are cross platform and usually represent an RTS genre, which is really popular. Action browser games like Fragoria are just weird.
  8. Bravosi


    Where have you been a beta tester? I know there are some companies that pay you a great amount of money for doing these tests. Unless it's a videogame tester, because then it's highly unlikely to get paid.
  9. I wouldn't say so, unless you're a very popular web hosting service with a lot of audience. You should know that web hosting is a lot cheaper now than it was before many years ago. You can find a domain/web for $5-10 nowadays.
  10. User must own a certain amount of popularity to do so, as in audience traffic. Usually there are cheap domains that cost $5, so it aint worth it.
  11. I always used CodeIgniter. It's a handy, user friendly and easy to learn tool. Best thing is that it ain't hard to learn how to use it (and get it as well). That's why I would suggest it to anyone, who is a beginner.
  12. That's awesome, I personally tried to make a simple 2D game before with my buddy, but we failed miserably. We simply followed instruction on Google, but they weren't detailed enough. Guess an individual must possess the knowledge himself. It was a puzzle game by the way.
  13. I imagine it's fun to be a gamer who makes games, that way you can create your own perfect game. I suppose
  14. By the way, Notepad++ v7.6.1 is the latest version and you can download it for free.
  15. I think monthly is good because you wouldn't have to get attached with one service provider in case something goes wrong.
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