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  1. Success comes because of hard work. Having a degree is not an assurance that you will be successful. There are many graduates yet underemployed or unemployed.
  2. My first sport is basketball. I really love it.
  3. Hi Jeane! How are you doing now? I hope you are in good condition. Have a great day!
  4. I love watching basketball in YouTube. Basketball is also one of my hobbies.
  5. Basketball is my sports. I like also to watch the NBA basketball.
  6. I also prefer using laptop for work and school. As I am typing my answer now, I am using our laptop. I am so grateful for our laptop. May our laptop could still live long.
  7. I never thought of landing in an online job. I am grateful to the Lord for the internet technology. It is now here that I have the chance to earn an income. I am doing my online job as a full timer.
  8. I don't smoke ever since. I have tried just to taste it before, but I don't like it. I don't like smoking because smoking causes illness and death, among other disadvantages. It is the most preventable lifestyle factor affecting human health. Smoking harms every organ in your body. Your heart, blood vessels, lungs and fertility are all negatively affected by smoking and the chemicals in cigarettes. Smoking changes the structure of blood vessels. This can lead to the buildup of plaque that hardens and narrows the vessels, causing a disease called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a common cau
  9. If there was one piece of advice I have for people today to experience more joy in life, it is to travel more. I don’t mean taking vacations or going on pre-planning trips, I mean making the journey out to somewhere you’ve never gone before with an open schedule, to let life show you what opportunities were waiting for you that you couldn’t have even imaged before. Traveling is wonderful in many ways. It captures us with a sense of wanderlust and has us longing for more destinations to visit, cultures to experience, food to eat, and people to meet. As amazing as traveling is, most of us think
  10. "Backlinks," meaning sites that link to your site, are, for most search engines, the supreme ranking factor. So is getting more organic traffic Because that traffic is directly related to the quality of the backlinks your website has, the more authoritative websites that link to you, the better rankings and traffic you’ll get. And of course you want to keep an eye on your Google rankings. When crawling the web, Google looks in particular for your website’s backlinks, to understand how your pages are connected to one other and in what ways. Certainly there are hundreds of ranking factors. But b
  11. Internet for me is very important. I work online and so internet is really necessary for. Without it, I will not be able to earn extra money online. Thanks to the internet and to those who made it.
  12. I remembered playing angry birds through the tablet of my niece. I think he plays better than me. It was not online when I played angry birds before.
  13. If you like the purple color, you are: A wee bit off, but it your own special way. People who are drawn to purple are sort of hippy-like in the way they impractically tackle the world with their Utopian ideals. They tend to favor mysticism to reality, and prefer to see the world through violet-colored glasses in a way that can be difficult for those around them.
  14. Are you spending your holidays sitting around bored with nothing to do? Don't waste your precious days off - there many, many things you can do to occupy yourself, even if holidays are a week long or longer. You can find many ways to fill your days, both inside and out, using your intellect or your creative energies, or simply hanging out with other people.
  15. Hello to you my fellow citizen of the Philippines. I am from the western side of the Visayas. I live in the famous city of Smiles. I am glad to be part of this forum community.
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