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  1. I have tasted San Miguel beer yet I prefer to drink soft drink like coca cola or pepsi.
  2. I believe that its your determination and being inspired in life that will lead to you to a successful life. Having a degree is just one step to the ladder of success.
  3. Hello Jeane! How are you today? You are warmly welcome in this forum. Have a good day to you!
  4. Here is one social media alternative: MeWe. MeWe calls themselves The Next-Gen Social Network. They raised $4.8 million and launched back in 2016 to take on Facebook and Twitter. They’re about 6 million members strong so far and Mark Weinstein, the founder, plans for it to be 500 million by 2022. “In the future, MeWe will also revolutionize social media with decentralization, which will render Facebook’s spying and tracking data model completely obsolete,” Weinstein added, a comment that suggests he is indeed trying to replace Facebook. “Awareness around the world has never been higher regardi
  5. I believe defragging is still very important. Defragging a hard drive is a way to make it work a little more efficiently. To know why this works, you need to know a little about how hard drives work. A hard drive is essentially a set of metal platters encased in a machine that spins them like a CD or DVD. A small magnetic needle, similar to an old-time record player, both reads and writes data on those metal platters. The data is stored magnetically, which means that when there is no electricity flowing to the drive, it retains the data
  6. If I am to go to Japan, I would go to Fuji Motosuko Resort at the base of Mt. Fuji. Here, you’ll find a landscape that can really only be described as surreal. Fields of hot pink and pale pink shibazakura‘pink moss’ flowers (officially known as a moss phlox) cover the rolling hills, backdropped by the snow-covered Mt. Fuji of spring. To celebrate the arrival of this stunning scene, the Fuji Motosuko Resort holds an annual Moss Phlox Shibazakura Festival from mid-April to late May, where guests are welcome to stroll through the grounds.
  7. Definitely yes is my answer to this question. I frequently go to church. Every Sunday I go to church. I would do my best not to miss church. it is because I have learned from the ten commandment, one day is for rest and worship to God. Six days is our time of work but one day is given to God for worship and relaxation for the body.
  8. Internet is very famous nowadays for satisfying people with various services related to various different fields. It is a very versatile facility which can help you in completing many tasks easily and conveniently with few clicks. It can be any work of daily usage or any specific service which needs a lot of research and formalities to be done beforehand. Almost everything is now available over internet in this age of advancement of technologies. It is in general practice nowadays for a person to look for a particular solution over there and getting satisfied with the appropriate solution. You
  9. I am very much willing to welcome new social media platform. I hope that all the best features from each social media platform can be combined into one powerhouse social media. If in coffee, we have three in one, it will be beautiful if it will happen also in social media platform. It could be great and wonderful if it happens. What is best in Facebook, what is best feature in YouTube and other platforms will be combined into one.
  10. If money is not the problem, I will love to travel. Traveling is an amazingly underrated investment in yourself. As you travel you’re exposed to more new people, cultures, and lifestyles than you are living in your homeland all the time. With all the newness in your life, you’re also opened to new insights, ways of seeing the world and living, which often gives people a new purpose for their lives. If you’re feeling stuck on what your purpose is, what you want to do with your life, the career or educational path you want to pursue, go travel…you might just be surprised about what you discover
  11. I have not traveled last year due to financial constraints. I would like to travel because I am happy to see different places and meet different people. I hope I will be able to travel later on. I also hope to be able to earn a lot of money to support all of my travel goals.
  12. Hello Siddy! You are very much welcome in this forum. I am glad that you joined in this community. Just feel at home here. See you around.
  13. Hello dullian! You are welcome in this wonderful forum. Good to know that you are interested in programming and web development. See you around.
  14. Hello Hammad! You are greatly welcome in this forum. Glad that you have also joined this site. See you around.
  15. I am grateful for the discovery and usage of internet. It has made the lives of billions of people changed and impacted. Through the internet, communication and research has become easier. Truly internet has made our lives better than ever.
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