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  1. NerdIndeed

    Desktop Icons and Task Bar not loading

    If I'm in the situation, I'll save myself from thinking and what I'll do is just reformat, back up every file you deem essential first. If you're using Windows 10, a reset will suffice.
  2. NerdIndeed


    I just used Outlook recently, and it's confusing. Maybe I just got very used to web-based mail clients. One more thing, I use a company email on Outlook and every new session, it warns me about a certificate something, what is it for?
  3. NerdIndeed

    Win 7 VS Win XP

    I agree with the idea that Windows XP was the best Windows version ever. Having the ability to run it on less RAM is pretty amazing. The only thing I hate about it is BSOD (blue screen of death) It happens for no reason whatsoever, sometimes in the middle of a project and it drives me crazy before.
  4. NerdIndeed


    It's either the driver or the printer you have is not the one set in default. Head over to Device Manager for a driver update and to Control Panel to select your printer as the default.
  5. NerdIndeed

    no sound

    Maybe sound drivers are outdated or not installed. Head over to Device Manager and update. Maybe your speakers are broken too. Check on other PC.
  6. NerdIndeed

    Favorite Brand Processor

    I agree. Had an AMD before and I notice that it overheats a lot. I asked around, and they said it has that reputation. By the way, this was years ago, and maybe it's not the case today.
  7. NerdIndeed

    Which is best for school? Laptop or Tablet?

    Schools should be training ground for students when they enter the corporate world, and in that world, you wouldn't see employees using tablets. So laptops for the win!
  8. NerdIndeed

    What Was The Specs Of Your First Ever PC?

    I don't have a photo of mine, sad. My first PC was a set-up. My father actually asked a friend of his to buy one for me to help with school projects at the lowest price possible. So, what I had was a system that has an 850 MHz AMD Duron processor, 512 MB of ram, no video card, 15" monitor, low-grade keyboard and mouse, and an HP printer. I can't recall the motherboard brand and model, but it was crap.
  9. NerdIndeed

    Laptops vs. Desktops

    I think the answers here depends on each and every one's needs. As for me, as I work from anywhere, I need to be more mobile. So laptops take the cake!
  10. My laptop is 15.6 I think it's perfect for work and for traveling as well. The only complain I have of it is the resolution, it has a 1366*768, and that's how good it can get. So I wish for a 1920*1080 IPS panel next time. I hope someone can give me one this Christmas, LOL.
  11. Since there is software out there that can restore deleted files, and you have said that it contains sensitive information that you think will be bad if it falls on other's hands. The best course of action to take is just to keep it or bury it in the ground or something. Regarding your bills payment, find another way or other things to sell that will not compromise yourself and your family.
  12. NerdIndeed

    Free alternative software list

    Such a comprehensive list! And what's best is that they are all for free! I'll refer to this thread when I need to search for free software to carry out some of my tasks. Thanks for sharing!
  13. NerdIndeed

    What do you hate most about windows?

    Yeah, repairing broken screens come with a hefty price tag. Wait till you hear how much Apple charges you for a screen replacement.
  14. NerdIndeed

    Why Does iOS Cost More?

    This. The Apple logo at the back is what makes it pricey. I don't know, but maybe they spend a fortune on marketing or Hollywood advertisement deals that's why they cost so much.