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  1. Vaping might be an excellent alternative to smoking. However, I saw a video where the vaping device exploded, and that is one of the reasons why I don't like to try it.
  2. I did not travel last year, and I worked my ass off from the first day up until the last. That is why this year, I'll book myself on a trip to Thailand or any South East Asian country that would not require me a visa to visit. By hook or by crook, I'll get there and enjoy.
  3. I like the fact that it now has a video call function although it would be nicer if there are also voice calls. I wonder why they never added that and went straight to video calls instead.
  4. During my idle time? I usually read or watch something that interests me at the time but mostly about online work - to learn new stuff. I know, I'm boring, but I admit to that. Way back, gaming used to take a lot of my time, and then I realized that it's not time well spent. All you get is another level on a stupid game and is not significant to real life.
  5. Same here, it all started for me after high school, when I gave in to peer pressure and tried to belong with the group of friends that I had at the time. It was a mistake as I learned how to do it. I feel that if ever I was part of something different, I'll be smoke-free until now. I tried everything to quit, and nothing worked so far, will try again.
  6. What is Tik-Tok exactly? I always see the app being advertised on YouTube. Is it a new form of video sharing website that creators can also earn from or is it like a social media platform like Facebook and Instagram?
  7. Personally, I don't. There's only one artist that I feel is influential in reggae and that is Bob Marley. Forgive me, as I have limited knowledge regarding the genre and that's all I know.
  8. Usually, for the past couple of years, what I do during the holiday season is travel. But this year, it's a little different. Since I had worked my ass off, I opted to use the holidays to rest, to at least get back some energy that I need to continue with 2019. I'll probably file a work leave if ever I needed or wanted to travel this year.
  9. Mine would be BLACK. Most of the things I own (gadgets, clothes, and stuff) come in this color just because it doesn't quickly get dirty. The person who washes my clothes like the fact that most of my T-shirts come in this color, it's not that hard to clean.
  10. I would love to try out this hobby as it does not demand a lot of skills (I'm not sure). All you need to have is a lot of time and some buddies to have, so if ever you are into fishing, and near the area, please ping me. I would love to join you guys someday. Thanks!
  11. Recently, I'm planning to venture into something that will require lots of studying time. I'll ask my employer if I can work for him part-time for a while and then be full-time again right after I finish my plan. So, good luck to me.
  12. I think yes. Having a degree is an advantage against others, but it's not mandatory. I know a lot of people who don't have degrees but has a ton of skills on his arsenal. In this life, there are no guarantees. Three things are essential to be successful - mindset, perseverance, and hard work.
  13. Who says that we can only earn a little from it, I know someone who works at the comfort of his own home and is making $2,000 per month. I love working online since I don't have to deal with heavy traffic on the streets and I don't get to be involved with office politics. I get to spend more time with family too.
  14. Canva is a great tool to use for logo making. They have a lot of templates for free that you can try out. It's so easy to edit as all you have to do is drag, drop, and modify elements of it. I suggest you give it a try. All the best!
  15. I love reading so most of the time when I am not online I read books. I also enjoy watching TV series whether English or Korean ones. Watching movies is one of my hobbies too.
  16. Years ago I used Firefox as my primary browser for web surfing. Then a friend of mine introduced me to Chrome, and I never looked back ever since. What I love about it are the extensions. There are just some that are not on Firefox, and I badly need it for work, so yeah. Google Chrome is my preferred choice.
  17. As for me, YouTube, Instagram, and Whatsapp. I use YouTube practically for almost everything even search. Instagram is mainly for work, and Whatsapp is primarily for messaging.
  18. My first programming language was C. I enrolled myself in a computer school ten years ago, and this is where I started. Then I moved on to C++, then HTML, then PHP. It was too long ago that I'm not that good at it anymore but if I have the spare time to review and brush up on it I think I can still code.
  19. Before it was only a photo sharing app but now they have incorporated messaging into it, plus now a video call feature. I was just wondering, why did IG have the video call function but no voice call function? That's odd. I wish it has them too.
  20. Mine is black. All of my gadgets come in this color. The same thing with my wardrobe, I probably have ten plain T-shirts from the same brand, and that's what I wear daily. I like it because it isn't noticeable when it gets dirty or something and isn't hard to do laundry.
  21. I've been working full-time for an employer based in the United States for over a year now. Concerning what I do, I can't say as its confidential. The great thing about it is I get to work on my very own hours, and I don't experience the horrendous heavy traffic on the metro. I tried working online 2017 and never looked back.
  22. If I'm in the situation, I'll save myself from thinking and what I'll do is just reformat, back up every file you deem essential first. If you're using Windows 10, a reset will suffice.
  23. I just used Outlook recently, and it's confusing. Maybe I just got very used to web-based mail clients. One more thing, I use a company email on Outlook and every new session, it warns me about a certificate something, what is it for?
  24. I agree with the idea that Windows XP was the best Windows version ever. Having the ability to run it on less RAM is pretty amazing. The only thing I hate about it is BSOD (blue screen of death) It happens for no reason whatsoever, sometimes in the middle of a project and it drives me crazy before.
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