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  1. Jelineex

    What is your favorite color?

    I am always attracted with pastel colors. I find it cool and calm. It refreshes my eyes. I am comfortable wearing pastel colors. It brings positive vibes. I am also attracted with fuchsia pink, green, gray, red, white and orange. I find these happy colors. I think, without colors life would be boring. Imagine the surroundings without it. Will you love to look around and stay? Will it still be a wonderful place to live?
  2. Jelineex

    Importance of Internet!

    I agree with some friends here that internet is one of the best invention in human history. It made our life easy . It gives us information in a fast and hassle free. This gives us awareness on what's happening in the world. Our knowledge in different fields increase and improve. It extends opportunities that made possible with the help of internet. Thank you to brilliant minds behind the concept of internet. Exemplary work!
  3. Jelineex


    I heard that term drop-shipping before but I don't how it works. I am not oriented with the nature of work. Plus, I'm hesitant how to deal with these products. How will I access with the suppliers. I remember, Ebay and Amazon, are the best online shop for this work. You can find more sale items but you need to monitor it on daily basis.
  4. Jelineex

    Remember these times?

    I can't remember that scenario since I don't have computer at home. I was only using school facilities. I recall it using windows DOS. Mostly, of the extra storage files are diskette or floppy disk. Windows application weren't used. I was using Wordstar and Lotus application. This were the olden days. Good old times.
  5. Jelineex

    What Are Your Offline Hobbies?

    I love to roam around the city to take photographs of the things that I find interesting. I like to capture it and upload in Instagram. I like to read comments and suggestion pertaining on my photographs. This will help me improve the styles in photography. This is a fun activity and It's a good way to express yourself. I also love to play piano. It makes me calm and relax. I also love to swim. This is a good exercise. Swimming gives me serenity.
  6. I think it depends on how you look at it. It's a choice depending on how it affects you. It cannot be denied that somehow it influence us especially with the kids. But, as parents it's always best to guide the young one's on responsibility on handling any sites not only on social media. There is always a risk in everything we do. It's a choice and a decision to make. Think wisely.
  7. Jelineex

    Get Posts On Your forums - Generate Activity.

    Thank you for sharing that information. It seems a good price offer for a paid forum. It will be an interesting opportunity to grab. I am sure that a lot of users will join as writer in your forum if you consider hiring writers. It will be a new experience for online work. I'll be happy to try it.
  8. Jelineex

    What are your plans this year 2019?

    I still have to continue working at 2019 with more eagerness and enthusiasm. I want to give the best I can. I am hoping that I can find more legitimate site to work. So, I'll be able to augment my earnings on freelance online work. It will be a great challenge but I am willing to win for it. I hope things will be realize as I expect it to be with the Lord's guidance. I will also find time to pamper myself by taking some vacation in later times.
  9. Jelineex

    What motivates you to work online?

    It's an obvious reason why we want to work online. We all want some extra monetary value. We want to make use of our time wisely yet earning in return. Plus, it's another working experience. This is a new place for employment. Opportunities is rising and demand is increasing. It's nice to grab the chance. It's the best of both world. I love the idea of just working on the comfort of our home. I find it more relax and no added pressure.
  10. Jelineex

    Do you take a break form your freelancing sites?

    It is normal to feel that way. Everyone gets tired especially doing the same routine work. Often times, I felt that I need to stop but my mind insist of going back to work . I need to pay attention and finish it. i am motivated to work for it in daily basis. I don't want to come to a point of regretting due to my negligence. That's why I prefer to take a nap before taking my freelance work. To give my mind and body a time to relax. I am energized and able to work on good condition.
  11. Jelineex


    I prefer to use personal computer since I am comfortable playing with it. I like the fast speed and good graphics especially when you have a good gaming computer. I can add another accessory for much more adventure like experience. Plus, I don't have to worry a games to be installed since there are free games available these days.
  12. Anyone can be a YouTuber but not everyone will be successful. It takes a lot of work and passion when dealing with this kind of activity. Taking full attention and creating creative strategies is one important factor to consider. This will give distinct identity among others. Patience and determination is a great advantage to stay on track.
  13. Jelineex

    One web site vs. multiple web sites

    I doubt about handling multiple site would end to success. Managing it is a lot of work. Time will not be enough to set a priority. It needs a lot of attention especially with it's site maintenance. I find it more realistic to manage one site. To be able to give full attention and respond on the needs of the site. This is more preferable to have more visitors/guest because it's well manage. People will see the clear image. It will attract and hold the interest of the audience which in return creates more traffic.
  14. Jelineex

    How To Pick A Good Domain Name?

    Choosing a name domain should be unique. This will give distinct identity among others. It is something that is associated to your site. People will get to remember it easily. Having a good name will attract visitors/guest to stay and get to know what's interesting on the site. It maybe short but captivating.
  15. I get to read Paypal word in some of the business establishment especially with the remittance center. But, I don't understand it not until I searched for a job online. That's when I have an idea what Paypal is all about. I know it's one of the large money processor and the safest portal. It's been recognize and widely use. The only thing I don't like about it. It takes a longer period of time to transfer money to bank accounts. I just don't have that patience to wait. However, I still trust their service.