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  1. I, think artificial intelligence might will come to it's perfection in the near future. The idea of AI programs were created by humans with a few expectations. But, as time progress it becomes visible and realize. Robots are more functional than before. So, there might be a possibility that in the near future humans and robots are equal. Innovators, programmers and developers are always eager to make invention that is powerful beyond our expectation.
  2. I, think it's best to grow your followers on first base. You need to add quality content. Make sure users can relate on what your purpose. You need to do things that you know and what your good at. This will attract users to know your account and follow as well. Constant update on your account is also favorable. It is also an advantage if you have a lot engagement on any of your post. This will naturally invite brands to collaborate with you. It's also best to consider having a clear and clean image as you will bring the name of brand in the future.
  3. Hello Jeane, I am glad to see you here. I am hoping that you will find responses on inquiries you will make. I do hope you will enjoy your stay here. Have a wonderful day. Happy New Year! God bless.
  4. I like to use google as search engine because it's fast and reliable. It is easy to use and it easily provide information. I find it more complete and very informative. It is very useful and hassle free to use. I also think it's one of best search engine in terms of speed and performance. I have no doubts why many users prefer Google than other engine. It also have a good reputation and it's tested thru times.
  5. I agree on friends here that Mac can still be infected or destroyed with virus. Thou, their security measures are secured but there is no guarantee that it is safe and protected. It is always a challenge for a programmer/developer to create a software that is virus free. In some point the hackers will surely find ways to destroy whatever application is launch. Both are challenging on their own ways.
  6. I prefer to use laptop for school because it's convenient to use. It can handle heavy tons of work. It's good to work on big screen than tablet. Laptop are more durable. Thou, both gadgets are useful but these are expensive. It will have to be decided based on the availability of financial budget of an institution. I just hope that students should handle it with care either laptop or tablet. Both are valuable materials.
  7. I am glad to know this information about Steemit.com. I am intrigued to know it further to see if I like it and earn as well. It's nice to learn different ways to earn income. This will be of great help while enjoying the features of the site. Thank you for sharing this information.
  8. I have no idea of any alternative social media platform existing these days. It will be a challenge for any developer /programmer to create a platform that is more interesting than the existing giants. People are becoming active and interactive on social media activity. Awareness is more updated and users are becoming intelligent compared before. They have more wants and needs. So, any developer should response on what is best that satisfy the needs of the users.
  9. Yes, a lot of people are wanting to try and regret in later times. Sometimes, we can't learn from things unless we try. I maybe wrong but nowadays people likes to do vices to escape reality from poverty, frustration, disappointment and rejections. It's too hard to accept it. It belittle our emotion and mind set. It takes courage and will to go beyond our trials in life. Vices is a temptation that is hard to resist but we have mind to control over it.
  10. It's good read on your comments since it gives me an awareness about making a domain name. I understand that it's not an easy task to make a name that sustain to visitor's attention. It is a challenging activity. Anyone who plans to have website should do research and study before deciding. This will give an edge to dwell or grow on whatever fields we want to. I am glad to learn something today. Thanks.
  11. Yes, Sir! Everything in this world is becoming expensive. They said it's not easy to get sick and it's too hard to die considering the expenses involve. ( Ha.Ha.Ha) I just hope that everyone should value and enjoy life in a clean decent way. Vices will gives us temporary happiness but it will ruin our life mostly of the time. So, cheers to those people who find effort to dump their vices for real.
  12. Yes, I agree with you. People who have quit from smoking deserves respect and appreciation. They have learned to value and love their selves. It maybe difficult to stop the vices but self discipline is a must. I hope that young and old should refrain from smoking to save money and health. There is nothing important in this world than our health.
  13. I guess your friend deserves a loyalty award from the company of Internet Explorer. However, I am thinking if the browser is still working these days because it always failed to connect . I still have it but it's not functioning. I would have to agree with you that Internet Explorer is one of the best browser because of it's fast and reliable service. Too bad it never compete at it's best.
  14. I agree with you that Youtube is a better platform compared to Vimeo. It's a useful and informative platform that helps a lot of viewers They say it's a free university. You get to learn in many ways. You could also earn money using google adsense but it's way too difficult. It has a strict of implementation with regards to guidelines and policy. You need to work hard and invest time for it. It is always best to use your passion rather than the motivation of having money.
  15. I like to do things to make my day productivity. In this way I can find my worth and make use of the time. During my spare time, I usually go for a long walk roaming around the city to take photographs of things that find I interesting. This gives me relaxation and I find it a fun activity. I also play piano to make me calm. I always find my comfort whenever I play music piece. It's always a priceless emotion.
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