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    Jelineex got a reaction from Corzhens in From the IT department   
    Hello, good morning @Corzhens! I am glad to see you here. I , think you will have a good time here and would be of great help  for your ideas/thoughts to share. I also hope you will find your comfort in this forum. Have a wonderful day. God bless.
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    Jelineex got a reaction from kx8 in What is your favorite social media sites?   
    I like Instagram  because I enjoy watching photographs taken by different person from different subjects. I find it interesting to know their style and tips in photography. I also share photos taken by me. I like to  read comments and see the heart button. This inspire me to do better. I also love Youtube since I learn everything from tutorials and crafts. I also love to watch movies and listen to music. It is very entertaining and useful.
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