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  1. I think you'll need a lot of followers and lots of connections. You'll also need to set up an "instagram" life. You know how those are? Vacations, tours, magazine type photos. You'll need to be sure you're visible enough. I read an article about this before and it's honestly tedious work to just be an influencer but the payout is worth it.
  2. My laptop run Windows 7 before. I don't know what came over me and I updated to Win10. It was probably the "FREE UPGRADE" they offered before so I upgraded it via their site. The tech can't upgrade via site? I don't know much about updating because I only took the offer when they offered free lol! I was so used to Win7 that switching to Win10 was hard. I still don't like it but I can tolerate it more now.
  3. I have recently revived my old blog as well! But now I am forced to stop as I am still recovering. My recovery is taking longer than expected and I haven't had any work done in weeks now because of it! Hopefully I can start writing on my blog again soon. Good luck to both of us!
  4. If you prefer a laptop then MSI or Acer would do if you don't want the price tag of an Alienware or Razer. But for gaming it would be best to choose a desktop instead. As powerful as laptops are they're slower compared to desktops. You also have the option to add in more power with a desktop. Although laptops are more portable compared to a gaming PC.
  5. I tried smoking when I was in college, not due to peer pressure but because I wanted to try it. I did for about 3 months before I quit. My then boyfriend didn't like that I smoked so I quit. Quitting was easy for me since I wasn't that hooked on it to begin with. I don't mind if people smoked, they do need to smoke at designated smoking areas. They should also be responsible enough to dispose of their cig butts responsibly.
  6. I didn't believe in having idle times until I got really sick recently. Now I try to stay away from too much stress and too much work and have more free time. Right now, I'm trying to get back into Sims 4 again, and socializing more. I've recently logged in to my discord account and just catching up with old friends.
  7. I remember this was a thing around 2012 and I switched to this from Plurk. If anyone else remembers plurk, hello! Anyway, I tried this again last year and it looks different now. It was much better before to be honest. While Plurk on the other hand, managed to stay the same after all those years.
  8. My offline hobbies include bracelet making and sewing. I've also sold a few of my bracelets and sewn items. Both are tedious and requires a lot of time and energy. I only do them when I'm depressed or down, it helps pick my mood up and take my mind off the things that are bothering me.
  9. I sadly spent the holidays sick in bed. That's from Christmas eve all the way to New Year's! I didn't get to enjoy the food even though I forced myself to eat. I ended 2018 and started 2019 the worst way possible for me, hopefully this means the rest of my year is going to be better.
  10. kx8


    What is ESO? I'd like to try and play BDO, I just don't have anyone to play it with. I love MMO but I always make sure that I have someone to play with because I'd just end up being a loner in game if I don't have at least one friend playing. I stick to mobile gaming these days, the only MMO that's still on my phone is Alchemia, which I haven't played in almost a month now
  11. I know this is a really old post. But I'm still going to comment just because it's about Android vs Apple. 😁 Both have something good to offer and years ago I would've said iPhone because it's the only phone that would last a year's use. Now after using my android phone (it's cheap and it's a Chinese brand) I'm going to have to go with Android. It's been more than a year of me using it. Yes I've dropped it quite a few times, but it still works perfectly well like the first time I turned it on. The battery life is amazing as well. When I had an iPhone I usually charge it 3 to 4 times in on
  12. I know a few people who works for gaming dev companies. One of them works for a mobile platform game and I'm excited to try out the games he helped made. It looks pretty cool! The other one focuses I think on PC and last I heard from her they're trying create the game Glory from an really good anime. The other one I think is also from a mobile game company. I haven't made any games but I am interested in learning how to make them, thanks to the comments above I have an idea on where to start.
  13. I don't like sports. Not a fan of any sports. BUUUUUT. I was a Volleyball Varsity player back in High School. I started my training in 6th grade because my P.E. teacher (who was also the volleyball coach) wanted me to get in the varsity team as soon as I graduate from Elementary. I still don't like sports though. Even with all the training and tournament our team had I still didn't become a fan. I played and I guess I was good but I didn't see any appeal to it. Even now I hate watching Volleyball tournaments.
  14. I would love to go to church every week and serve. I do church volunteer work, and I help teach kids about the word of God. Sadly, it's been so hectic! I miss being in church and just feel so comfortable and free. There's so much love there from everyone I work with. I honestly miss them now.
  15. There's a lot of movies that made me cry. I'm a sensitive soul and I cry easily. I even cried watching Bambi and The Land Before Time. But I think the movie that shook me to my core was The Notebook. Yes I know a chick flick, but I wasn't exactly going through the best times then and having to watch something like that only made my tears fall easily. Of course after realizing what the movie really is about and knowing the characters more I just think it's not that good of a story. LOL please don't hate me if you're a fan!
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