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  1. I'd turn off Remote Access from the Control Panel. Most people don't know this and hackers most likely prey on people like this. Basically it gives anyone in your network access to your desktop (mouse and keyboard too) from a different computer. It's supposed to be for tech support to remotely fix your computer but it's been taken advantage of in recent years.
  2. As long as it meets the minimum system requirements of Windows 10, your laptop can run it. It has nothing to do with the license. Even if you don't have the money to fork out money for the license key of Windows 10, you can still install it. The only drawback is that you can't change the background picture and that there's a watermark on the bottom right reminding you to activate the license key. I know people who to this day hasn't activated their copy of Windows 10 and it still runs fine.
  3. I believe Chrome stopped giving updates to Windows XP a few years back because it can't keep up with the minimum system requirements the newer updates require. So I guess this is because the website you are viewing uses code that only the newer updates of Chrome supports. That or it is just a hardware problem. It could be that your internal graphics is too outdated to view the graphics of that website. Invest in a newer PC Corzhens if the budget allows. Even the cheapest available PC right now can support those websites. A desktop XP PC just isn't usable in 2019.
  4. Imagine SD as a sheet of normal size paper and HD is a sheet of paper that's bigger than SD. By trying to convert your SD videos to HD, what you're trying to do is stretching the paper to match the size of the HD video. Does that make sense? So in turn, this will make your output video very blurry and pixelated. That's the gist of it. You can convert a HD video to SD without quality loss because it's just shrinking pixels down to a lower resolution. But you can't do the same the other way around.
  5. It's all about how much time you want to allot on this. Most web hosting sites are trustworthy enough to give out your credit card information. If you're really paranoid, get a prepaid card that you load money into whenever you want to make a purchase. But for me, I'd go with manual payment 1 day before the deadline. I'm not that rich where I can just pay a bill out at the first day of the month like that.
  6. But unlike Vine where the content creators themselves are posting their Vines to Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook, Tik Tok users aren't. And maybe that's the problem why we aren't seeing "Tik Tok stars" the same way Viners did back when it was alive.
  7. Keywords change rankings every day. It wouldn't be farfetched to have your tags now be popular and in the future it's going to be lower resulting in lower rankings. Just continue to use correct keywords and maybe throw in trending topics that are related to your work in and see if raises your rankings a bit.
  8. I doubt it. Tik Tok is more like musically than Vine and musically didn't produce "influencers" per se like Vine did. It's because in Vine and musically, it's just them doing skits over music/voice overs. There's no "popularity contest" in Tik Tok I believe like there was in Vine and that brought people like Jake and Logan Paul to be influencers.
  9. I have a full time 9-6 job. I've never considered working online full time since it's not stable. I think a lot of people are in the same boat. Imagine not finding a job despite weeks of searching online and your bills are due next week. That's going to be hard to survive. At least with a full time job, you'll be assured your salary as long as you're working.
  10. I've never been a big fan of reggae. It's just to repetitive for me. And people are linking it to recreational marijuana use for comedic effect. And maybe that's why I've never delved into that particular music genre.
  11. What I'm lacking when I'm working online is the fact that I'm not interacting with anyone. We weren't built to be loners in an island. Humans are social beings. Chatting with someone online isn't the same with talking to a real person. I guess the only perk of working online then is the convenience. But is that worth being alone?
  12. Having a degree is a huge advantage in a third world country. There are just more opportunities in the first world countries and in those countries, having a degree isn't all that important. But that is not to say that people who can't afford an education can't get a decent job. I'm just saying it's harder in some places than others and having a degree won't hurt.
  13. Maybe it depends on the person then? I enjoy my own company more than with other people. I assume you're in the same boat.
  14. I would choose Mobile Legends over Dota. One does not have to go to a computer shop to play the game anymore. It's much more convenient to play on mobile. You can still play with your friends online. I guess that's the primary attraction of Mobile Legends.
  15. PC games for sure. Though PS4 exclusives like Spider-Man PS4 and Spyro is tempting me to say console, I've invested too much into my desktop rig to justify buying a console for gaming.
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