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  1. I believe that everything is good but in moderation. Social media is one of the most amazing tools created by humans. I believe that it has helped the entire population to be where it is today. Connected families from all over the world and people from different walks of life. But too much of this is also not good. It has to controlled especially in children because some people are using social media to scam and hurt others.
  2. Hmmmm. Some. Not all my accounts have it. Because there was this one time that I lost my phone, it took so much time recovering the account. The ones that have are those accounts that are really important.
  3. I love instrumental music and love songs. I always listen to these types. I love to listen to saxophone and BeeGees music. These two are on the top of my playlist. I just find these types of music very relaxing.
  4. I am using Paypal for a year now. Paypal has made my life easier and more convenient. My online jobs provide my salary through Paypal. I also like how Paypal deals with account problems. I only wish that Paypal will make it faster for Paypal to bank transfer.
  5. Well, I guess you have a point here. As for me, I am a beginner and looking for sites like this. It is easier to practice on this sites than pay for photoshop. If one day this becomes my profession, then, I will go for a software like Adobe.
  6. I do believe that premium hosting is worth the prize. But as I am starting out do you think it would be best to start free? My friends tell me that they have problems with transferring to a premium hosting. Do you think this can be done?
  7. Really? It can be done this way? Is this safe? I haven't tried doing this. I'm scared that my data won't be retrieved.
  8. What hosting service is this? Can you recommend a good one? I always hear problems regarding the transferring as difficult.
  9. Not everyone can pay for a paid hosting. Free hosting is good for beginners in order to test the waters. Paid hosting is a bit expensive and definitely better than free. I believe that it is worth the prize.
  10. Hmmm. What are the perks of this types of membership? You should really choose what is beneficial to you. But if you have the money then, go for the premium. Premium is the perfect choice for me mainly because of its privileges.
  11. Yes. I have a friend who started with a free hosting. After a year she wanted to change the hosting, she is having problems. Her main reason for transferring is because of the limitations. She feels like she doesn't own the website.
  12. Yes. There are sites like this. There are also sites that looks legit but is not. Last week I had a problem with my computer because of malware. I have to reset everything. Lucky for me that I have a backup.
  13. This is good. Thanks for the information. I am someone who likes to design but this is not my profession. I am only doing it as a hobby, that's why free online logo design sites are good for me.
  14. Free domains have limitations and restrictions. You cannot do what you want to do if you avail this type of domain. It would also be hard to transfer to a premium domain if you started at free. It's better to go Premium.
  15. I have a list of the things I must do. I have the name of the sites in my notebook to make sure that I won't forget. I check each site for an update every day. I don't want to miss any news.
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