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  1. davedaot04

    Apps for vloging

    Really does vlogging requires app? I don't think so, I think what you need is a nice high quality camera and a fast computer for video editing. That's what I think you need in order to do vlogging.
  2. davedaot04

    Do you enjoy working with a database?

    No, I easily get bored about database, I'm not enjoying every time I do it that's why I didn't choose that path, I instead go to Video editing career because I enjoy it so much and it's totally worth it.
  3. davedaot04

    Laptops vs. Desktops

    I prefer Computer all around it's a more stable and powerful component compared to laptop it's more reliable when it comes to speed and also it costs less than laptop but we all know, why someone would choose laptop, that's because laptops are portable, you can bring it anywhere whenever you need it.
  4. davedaot04

    Using Adobe Premiere for HD videos

    You really need to have a fast computer because adobe premiere is such a heavy program you need to have at least 8 gbs of ram and at least a gtx 1050ti and i5 processor, because if you don't have a fast computer you'd be waiting days just for rendering your video.
  5. davedaot04


    Welcome brother, this is an amazing website for sharing lots of information and learning new things.
  6. davedaot04

    did you like to travel this last year ?

    I'd like to but I can't afford it. It takes a lot of money to travel, I hope they'll make it cheaper it sucks!
  7. davedaot04

    Monthly or yearly payment?

    Of course monthly bro, it's hard to pay that huge amount of money straight away, rather than paying monthly.
  8. davedaot04

    How can I make my first website?

    I'm also curious on to how can I make my own website, I want to start a blog because I want to share my life in there at the same time make money, Thanks for all the information in here, it is valuable.
  9. davedaot04

    no sound

    There are many things to consider, maybe drivers are not installed, or you have a faulty jack, the solution would be to solve each possible problems one by one but if you can't really fix it then it's probably time to invest some money to it by hiring a computer technician.
  10. davedaot04

    Can a hacker catch a hacker more easily?

    Well, I think it's common sense, and surely a hacker knows more about it because they've been in that shoes, they know how it works and they know the holes, so that they can easily find a way to make it more secure. Hackers can obviously catch a hacker more, because they know how they do it.
  11. davedaot04

    GTX 1050Ti or RX 460 4GB GDDR 5?

    GTX 1050Ti is 36% better overall, go with that, It costs more but it's definitely worth it, invest in something that you would not regret because it produces amazing results, click this link for more information - https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti-vs-AMD-RX-460/3649vs3641
  12. davedaot04

    What motivates you to work online?

    What motivates me is to not be in a 9-5 jobs in a cubicle for the rest of my life, underpaid, and doing repetitive work, I don't want to be involve in such a want a more meaningful life than that and more time to spend with my family and that I think is achievable doing online jobs.
  13. davedaot04

    Malware Removal Tools

    To be honest, I'm good with Microsoft Essentials Security but if I encounter some serious issues or viruses that I cannot detect, I have many small portable antiviruses that does it's jobs
  14. davedaot04

    What's your internet speed?

    My internet speed is around 5 Mbps, it's a PLDT fibr plan, and I love it, it's cheap and provides me fast internet connection and I am highly satisfied with it.
  15. davedaot04


    PC, I love Personal computers than console gaming because you can do a lot more things in PC than console and it's almost like a the same experience especially if you have a really nice gaming computer.