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  1. I still remember how slow it was then, although I recently used in another computer, though I highly doubt if the users are now many.
  2. My favorite browser is Google Chrome. From my experience, the browser is not only easier to use but faster.
  3. Initially, I found SEO to be so complex, but I am now learning from Neil's Patel and Matthew. Both are top-ranked bloggers and SEO gurus. Also, I am learning more about SEO by watching YouTube videos.
  4. Well, I am still in the learning process, but I would advise you to learn HTML5 because it entails almost everything you would learn on HTML language.
  5. I have been paying yearly subscriptions, but I will consider paying on a monthly basis after reading why most people consider the monthly option as the best option.
  6. The best answer. HTML and CSS are the easiest languages that one can start learning.
  7. I was using Smadav after using the software to clean some trojan virus. But, since last year, I have been using Avast. From the comments, I will try Malwarebytes.
  8. Windows 7 is my favorite Windows OS because it is extremely stable. I have tried windows 8 and 10, but I hate the regular updates.
  9. Although Facebook is a good source of traffic, I am no longer using it, because you are not guaranteed of that traffic irrespective of paying for the ads. Besides, facebook groups have made it competitive leaving your ads to people are not interested to even visit your website or buy the products you promote.
  10. Your domain name should be short, easier and memorable. Also, it should entail your niche name.
  11. Premium hosting is much better compared to free hosting. With premium hosting, you can control so many things, which are limited on free hosting. Also, free hosting can decide to delete your account any day, and all your work will be lost. Furthermore, there are so many affordable paid hosting.
  12. http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp This is what I used, and then watched some tutorial videos on Udemy and YouTube.
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