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  1. My two main offline hobbies are reading books and playing various TCGs (Trading Card Game). With reading I can enjoy and have my much needed alone time while playing TCGs lets me meet and interact with new people weekly. There are shops in different areas with different playgroups so my experience each time is different and exciting. These two hobbies get me away from being online on my days off so my eyes can have a rest from being in front of a computer and a cellphone.
  2. I am perusing this thread to learn of startup or smaller social media sites or apps that people use nowadays. I am not much of a social media user and only know of the popular ones that people use but I know that social media is important to broaden your network online which can help you with some online jobs. Steemit, Diaspora, MeWe, Gab, Voat, I will check all of these today and educate myself. Thanks.
  3. I am not a fan of social media but I still use facebook out of necessity. I use it to communicate with friends, families and also for work. So I guess facebook would be my favorite by default as it is the only one I use.
  4. I have only owned one apple device and after that I stuck with android ever since. Apple devices are honestly overpriced for the basic use that I do on mobile phones. I don't play games that much nor do I use cameras daily. I also had issues with iOS compatibility with other software,, it just doesn't play well with others.
  5. I have also played breath of fire before though I am not sure what part it was. Maybe it was Breath of Fire IV, whether if it was IV or not what I remembered was that I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Wild Arms. This the first time I am hearing of The Witch and the Hundred Knight, I'll check it out.
  6. I would have to say Youtube because it is now more bigger, it has a much larger community and therefore has a much larger reach if you are a content creator. Youtube has a much cleaner and user-friendly interface. Also, the limit the Vimeo puts on its basic (free) user serves as a big detriment.
  7. Stoopkid

    Hitman 2

    The only Hitman game that I have played was Hitman Sniper for android and that was only a few months ago but after playing it I got curious about the original Hitman game and checked out a few videos about it and it seems fun. It is open world and players will have tasks or missions that they need to finish for the story to progress just like GTA. If I have the time I would play it but for now I only play games on android on my very short free times.
  8. I still remember playing RPGs on my Sony Playstation and same as you, I get excited when there are more than 2 discs for a game. It means that the story will be longer and I will be immersed in the storyline. Nowadays, I don't have the time nor the gusto to play long RPGs but I do miss them, the last one I played that really impressed me was Disgaea. My favorite game developer is Nippon Ichi.
  9. It is impossible to live nowadays without using the internet, it has given me extra income and has also made transactions much faster like paying bills and shopping. You can almost do anything online now. The internet has also made it easier for me to communicate with friends, families and clients. The importance of the internet in our lives right now can't be measured. It is pretty much part of our daily lives.
  10. I can only consider my online jobs part time as they are not enough to sustain me for now but I am slowly trying to up my workload and assessing if it will be worth it if I focus all my attention on it. Time will tell if I can go all in on freelancing work online.
  11. Go with the GTX 1050Ti. This is from experience. It is just overall the better graphics card. From pixel rate to render output processing and also memory, etc. It may be a bit more expensive but you will not regret it.
  12. You can try to connect your book to goodreads and also give books away and ask for an honest opinion and review. Most people on amazon also check other sources for reviews of the book and goodreads is a good source. You should also setup your metadata. Do this every two months or so until eventually and hopefully your book will be ranked on amazon.
  13. i have been a Xiaomi user and supporter for the last two years. Their products are really of great quality but for a low price compared to other brands. I planned to purchase this before but then they released the pocophone f1 or poco f1 that was much cheaper but had the latest and best processor a phone could have at the time and so I chose the poco f1 and have had no regrets. If you haven't tried a xiaomi product, I would highly recommend it, I have even bought a new Xiaomi phone for my mother last week as a Christmas gift.
  14. I have never owned an Xbox console but have used it aplenty and I honestly prefer Playstation over Xbox. I have owned plalystation products from the PS1, to the PSP and up to the PS3 when I became much busier in life and hadn't felt the need to purchase a PS4 or even have the time to play. If I ever plan to go back into the current gaming world then the upcoming PS5 (rumored to come out late next year) will be the one that I will choose.
  15. I played Candy Crush because everyone was playing it(peer pressure, right?). It is not the type of game that I enjoy, I only lasted maybe a week before I called it quits. I like games that have engaging stories and has an end.
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