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  1. The first thing you must do before anything else is to obtain a domain name. This is the name you want to give to your website. To obtain a domain name, you must pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that name. Getting a name does not give you a website or anything like that. It's just a name. It is something like registering a commercial name in the world of brick and mortar; Having that trade name does not mean that you also have the facilities of the store to accompany it. You can find detailed information on how to get a good domain name in the article Tips for choosing a g
  2. I just love to travel and traveling is my hobby. But I am very busy in my new project " Brainstudioz " . Thats why i am unable to travel this last year.
  3. If you are branding then you can take domain name of your company. But if you are choosing domain name for any type of earning website or for services website then take the domain name of 3 words and which is easy to rank.
  4. Always go for paid hosting and domains because the free domains are not accepted easily by the google ad sense. Free hosting have some limitations and we don't believe on them because we don't know that when they will remove our site or they will show their ads on our site etc.
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    Absolutely right. But we also know that testing is very important in programming. Specially when you are doing work for your client
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