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  1. BlueHost is my 2nd choice always, haha. I always recommend people to go for GoDaddy because I'm more comfortable around it, but BlueHost is great too. To be honest, I've never really gone beyond these two.
  2. Alania

    How can I make my first website?

    If you're really up to the challenge to make a website on your own completely, then I suggest you to open a Notepad, and start practising HTML. It might be old and outdated, but it's fun to see what you can create on your own.
  3. Of course. If you want my opinion, then I think almost anything can be taught on the internet. It's a very strong and buttsaver tool. Honestly, I think we should cancel schools because of how the internet is a lot more helpful in this regard.
  4. Alania

    Micro Niche Websites that Pay!

    I also have GoogleAdsense running on my YouTube channel which has like 5.6k audience, and it's quite profitable. I also have a blog for investments, but the traffic there is terrible. As Bravosi has written, the ads don't force you to watch themselves.
  5. Alania

    Posting news and videos (copyright issue)

    As many people above have said - there are certain things you have to ensure before posting anything. As long as you leave the original link and claim it as someone else's. I do however agree with Bravosi, policies are getting absurd lately. Especially on YouTube.
  6. Alania

    Any Honest Freelancers On?

    I'm a professional web designer, programmer, freelancer (when have the time), and a housewife, haha! I have plenty of time though, so I would like to help you, even at the cheaper cost if the offer is still available! :)
  7. Alania

    What are you willing to pay for?

    I always try to pay for something that I can't do myself, for example I cannot have a web hosting service, that's why I pay for one to be able to sustain and run my blog (I work in the field of HYIP investments), which is very important for me.
  8. Alania

    Can a hacker catch a hacker more easily?

    There's a wonderful saying here, a fisherman sees another fisherman. Meaning that a person from one "profession" is able to notice another one. I believe a hacker might be able to catch a hacker, as long as he's good enough. Otherwise I don't think so.
  9. Alania

    reseller Is selling web hosting worth it?

    As you have said, Bravosi, a person must have some certain popularity to a degree, because otherwise it would be a waste of time, effort and funds. I have a relative who sells cheap domains and website templates, he has quite an audience, and even still says that the income isn't too high. It's more like a passive income for him.
  10. Alania

    How To Pick A Good Domain Name?

    There are places which can generate domain names based on the interests of the user, but if it comes to creativity then the person alone should be the one creating and making up the names, hehe.
  11. Alania

    Free or Premium Hosting?

    You're right, $5 is pretty cheap and common. Even a person with a small income can afford to get it, starting from the school age haha. But anyhow, before I got into paid hosting I tried just for the heck of it free hosting, just to understand how everything works (when uploading my website).
  12. Alania

    Remember these times?

    Oddly enough, when I changed from Windows 95 to 98, and then XP I was really confused in terms of the interface. Obviously, being a Win 7 user now, I would have a hard time feeling comfortable with Win 95/98. The design is clunky. XP is 50/50. Strange how time changes the view on certain things.
  13. To be honest, if you Google top 10 best hosting service providers then you'll probably encounter GoDaddy at the 1st or 2nd place in any list. On the first page of Google at least.
  14. Alania

    Anyone made any games?

    That's the way of life for my cousin. He was a fan of MMORPG's, but never found the perfect and most suitable one. So now he creates one himself. He made a local company and currently develops a 2D game.
  15. Alania

    Anyone made any games?

    Dragon Nest is a tough game to make, because it's an Action RPG. RTS is a lot more simple (though complicated in terms of content). What you have to understand that if you make a mistake when making a game similar to Dragon Nest and you'll encounter a bug then you'll need a hell a lot of time to fix it. I suggest you to finish off the RTS game you're making, and only then proceed to a lot more complex games.