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  1. I'd say either Java or Visual C++, even though the second one is by far harder (depending on what level you wish to get to). My first ever language was HTML, then it was Javascript which was quite easy to learn, as it's very user friendly.
  2. Alania

    How to earn on web hosting

    If you have a sufficient amount of traffic then I'd suggest you to get some ads running, presumably from a Google AdSense service. That's one of the best solutions out there to earn from web hosting, with the exception of donation and selling something.
  3. Alania

    Domain Backordering

    Your old name is being reserved for a while, unless you obviously the delay the payment for too long. That's how it works in theory, because I always pay for my website in time.
  4. I would always go for .com, even though it might be more expensive in theory. Com is just a lot more common and universal. Have a long domain might not be so catchy for someone who tries to attract audience, especially if he's new.
  5. Alania

    Tips for increasing traffic to your site?

    I think the greatest and easier way to do it is to advertise on social media, thus you will be able to get free and natural traffic to your website, without paying for anything (unless you'd launch an ad campaign on Facebook or something).
  6. Well I'd say a shorter domain is a lot more preferable, simply because it's easier for people to remember something short and catchy. Long domains are exhausting the reader, if you ask me.
  7. Alania

    Programming for Beginners

    I think you should start small, unlikely everyone else I will recommend HTML to you, but not because of the basics, but because you gotta understand how to whole programming world works. It's like a math. You gotta understand how the entire page is built from the scratch simply by commands.
  8. Alania

    Remember these times?

    I miss those times haha! Windows 95 was a great innovation back at that time, and now when you look at it you get the impression of some old glitchy thing.
  9. Yeah, I did. Quite a lot of times. Moreover, one of my first ever projects was a website with a 2d game shooter in it. How I wish to find my old flashdrive with it. It was a masterpiece.
  10. Alania

    Best place to learn programming

    Well I've learned programming as a natural thing because I come from the family where my mother is a programmer. So since the childhood I was already kinda engaged into it. Next step was school and extra courses. . So sadly I'm not really sure what should I recommend to you.
  11. As a matter of fact, I rarely do so. Because whenever I publish something on my blog, usually the audience asks me questions about the post on Facebook, rather than on the blog (website) itself.
  12. It's a double edged blade, on one hand you host it at your own home and you feel a lot more autonomous. However, the downside is the cost of security. I'd say you should let someone else host it because it's safer.
  13. Alania

    When there is a new member spamming

    I'd give them a fair warning first. Personally, I'm more popular on YouTube, rather than on my own website, oddly enough. For that reason I value each member, and even if I grow my audience, I'd still maintain the classical policy of me not banning everyone without a warning.
  14. Alania

    One web site vs. multiple web sites

    Well I think it honestly depends on several factors, to begin with, if you have a large audience and each piece of it wants something different, then you should have multiple websites suitable to their subjects. Otherwise, have only one.
  15. Personally I pay for the domain only, simply because I'm capable of making my own basic websites, based on my Notepad and Visual C++ knowledge.