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  1. There are still more avenues of monetizing blogs. Adsense can be problematic.
  2. stbrians

    Hi Everyone

    You are welcome. We shall work together. We are here on purpose
  3. I tried but they flopped like trees in a storm. Am just a member thriving on the free daily points
  4. stbrians

    Apps for vloging

    Vlogging is the new wave in town. YouTube is the most appropriate app.
  5. stbrians

    The movie that made you cry?

    You are not specific. Why did you cry? Was it tears of happiness or sadness? We need to know. The one I cried with tears of happiness is 'The Gods Must Be Crazy'
  6. stbrians

    Laptops vs. Desktops

    The laptop stores some power and you can work for some time where there is no electricity. I prefer the laptop. It is also faster.
  7. stbrians

    From the IT department

    We are really learning much from each other here. I never knew learning was this fun
  8. stbrians

    What is your favorite color?

    Blue is my best color. The sky and waters look blue and bring life to earth. Blue is a blessed color
  9. Facebook is the most preferred. Its interface is favorable.
  10. stbrians

    Hello from Philippines

    Welcome aboard. You are in the right place. We share what we have here.
  11. stbrians

    Possible solutions for my PC problem

    The best thing is you see a specialist. They will help you there. You might waste much time or spoil it more if you try it alone.
  12. I would recommend Godaddy. It is a good site and can serve you better
  13. stbrians

    What are you willing to pay for?

    I will pay a person for nearly everything on web building. Expert service is better than shoddy work. An expert website sells better.
  14. stbrians

    did you like to travel this last year ?

    Travelling is good but this year I have not travelled. I would like to travel to the Philippines. I love Filipinos and their culture. I love their president Duteete
  15. I ised it recently. It still can function on our computers. The only difference is that the others have become more sophisticated and more demanded