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  1. What is the best apps and tools to use in making a blog.
  2. The laptop is easy to carry and bring wherever you want. But when it comes to office work or using it for the whole day. I think desktop is much better to use.
  3. I'm here to look for the good answers. I'm a newbie and want to have my own website. Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge and giving us tips. It will help a lot.
  4. I'm waiting for someone who can reply with a free logo design app. It is badly needed for some newbie freelancer to use an app with no charges.
  5. Taking notes all of your suggestions and ideas. I also want to be a graphic designer. I really feel that graphic design is my niche I just need to get more knowledge and enhance it.
  6. Yes, it helps. But having a degree is not like having a magic trick. You still need to work hard to be financially stable.
  7. Hi im also a newbie and from the philippines. Give me some tips guys. I want to learn more and gets some ideas in this site.
  8. My greatest dream is to travel the world with my family. I want to visit beautiful countries like Japan and Paris. Traveling with plenty of money will make it more fun. But that's only a dream for me because I only have money thats fits a simple living.
  9. I also want to learn how to earn in this site. I'm willing to learn and absorb some knowledgeable ideas. I'm a newbie in freelancing career and hoping to be a good one someday.
  10. Social media is a good tool for everyone. It helps us find things in an easier way. Reunites with friends and relatives, social media is best to use. If you want some information social media is there with us. Online selling, researching and a lot more.
  11. I don't usually use Instagram. I think its boring. Scrolling to see pictures and look peoples with their selfie. But after reading some comments I will try to use Instagram once in a while.
  12. I also want to learn how to earn using this site. I heard a lot good reviews but dont how to start.
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