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  1. Not only humans: I am not against with the new inventions like Al robots, it is amazing really what high technology can do but in some part of me I am also a little worry for some reason that time will come that those rebots will replace those human working in some factory becausebthe relobot will do. It will result a big problem in our society also because of lacking of work for human being. Yes at first they will serve as a help only but it is not possible to replace the human work.
  2. Don't be fooled by this pretty face: I also seen this in youtube and it really amazed me until now that I've seen it again. We can't really predict what the high technology can do this time but I am also a little worry of this kind of invention. What if those kind will already been part of our society and the worst being one of the leader, it is not impossible technology keep on improving and making unbelievable things.
  3. Is offline Advertising for an Online Business effective: Yes, It is still effective, doing an offline advertisement is still good advantage just find some right place where yoi can put your advertisement like where mostly the stop site of vehicles and people ang put it on a right level of heights. Therea are still many people who do appreciate offline advertisement just put some thing that can be more attractive compare to the other and the unique design. Offlibe advertisement still working on it own way
  4. Favorite TV series: I love The Twilight mvie untill now ang hoping that they can start alread6 making a new eposide after the saga. I eagerly to know if rrally jacob is meant for the daughter of Eduard and Bella. I also want to know whats the result of being a half human, what she can do and how strong she is. I really love the way they put into movie this story, the character does so well, it is very interesting for me. I can't wait for the next episode.
  5. Images vs videos in advertising/marketing: For me It depend on what your advertising for ang where are you going to advertise. For me if onlibe advertisement the images are more effective than the video one because in offline most of people ignore videos for the reason that they reallybneed to finiah the video first before they will appreciate the product your advertising while in online advertisement the video is more effective I guess.
  6. Which is the best for school? Laptop or tablet? : In my opinion the laptop is more useful than the tablet one for a students. Because as a students specially a high school to college students, this stage of schooling are more on reporting, and one thing they needed to report is laptop to discuss topics assigned to them to be connected to the projector for thier co student to be ablento see her/his presentation and to do research as well.
  7. What ads annoy you: I hate automatic video playing ads it was really a waste of time, sometimes you need to finish the video first before you can close it and sometimes if don't wait to finish the video and accidentakky click any part of your screen it will autimatically directed to other website in which your work will gone and your concentration will lose. It is so very annoying.
  8. Did you like to travel this last year?: I really want to travel with my family if I am just a financially stable. I want to treat my family this way for them to see how beautiful the different places are. It is one of my dream, to explore different places even in our country only. How I wish we can travel together this year, hopely by Gods' grace
  9. One of the movie that made me cry is the movie titled the "Miracle in cell 7" I can't really forget this movie because you can relate it in reality in which most ofvthose who has more power in some institution is much more favorable by some court in where the justice is not fair. Sad to say but it is really true. I also has an experience regarding commiting justice by the grace of God we are now starting to reveale the truth.
  10. How does social media affect rankings? Is it a SEO factor?: Yes social media is not a SEO factor but for me it will also affect your ranking in some other ways especially if you do shared backlinks in public but then it not that big maybe but it also has an effect not directly but in its own way.
  11. What sports do you do: I love to play badminton and volleyball but sad to say as what I've remember the lastvtime I played ball games was 2 years ago, when I don't have yet my own job ang own family. I miss to play it specially the badminton one aside from it was easy to play it was also a great exercise for the body. Playing a badminton can exercise all your body parts.
  12. Laptops vs Desktops: I don't owned one of that two device but I prefer to use the desktop one because it is what I used to operate in our office it was easy to use compare to laptops for me because one rime when my desktop in our office need to check to the maintanance I temporarily use the laptop one, I can't work past as I could when I use the desktop.
  13. I do appreciate reggae music starting my college days. I have a room mate in door that love to play a music which is all reggae one, at first i get annoyed because I didn't understand the meaning it was new in my ear. I don't hear reggae music plays in some places so I am not that fan of it before but when I use to hear it already I found my self collecting reggae music already. It is so relaxing for me.
  14. Havimg a good degree is a plus in terms of competitions to get a job to those individual who don't have a degree but having a degree is not a basis to be financially stable because it is always depends on you as an individual, having a degree is not enough to have stable financial it should have a willingness and effort.
  15. Do you go to church frequently? : When I was still studying, when I'm still living with my parents I go to church frequently but when I got my own job and living independently I did not go to church already regularly. But, even I didn't go to church Im still praying to our Lord God and give thanks to him anywhere even I am not in church, I just miss to go to church with my family theres really a differencr if your with your family.
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