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  1. My favorite color is black and grey because I am a fan of Batman hahaha. I also like Blue and Dark blue, red is also a great color for me. When I come to the color of my clothes I usually go with either black or white because it looks quite professional.
  2. Hello! I am also a newbie on this site and so far I love being a part of this community I hope you will learn a lot from this site just like me!
  3. Welcome, to the community I hope you will learn a lot from this site just like me.
  4. I heard a lot of people is at rage because of the new Diablo game being in mobile and not available in pc. I won't make any speculation yet, the mobile game right now is a big hit in the gaming industry the developers only want to ride the hype train and it is not a bad thing as long as the Diablo mobile game is at high standards.
  5. hahaha honestly I was not expective that candy crush would be really fun and addictive, I am not a fan of this kind of game I usually like games with a narrative but candy crush is a great time passer and older people at the age of 40 and above really enjoy this game because its mechanics are easy to understand.
  6. antonToledo

    PC Games

    Honestly, it depends on the genre of the game if you like first person game you can try call of duty, medal of honor etc.. If you want to play MOBAS to try playing DOTA, LOL, we also have mobile legends in mobile. There are also a lot of good offline games. Try searching on google I'm sure you'll find a lot of great games on PC.
  7. Both games are great in their own respective right. Can't really compare DOTA with mobile legends first of all DOTA is a PC game while mobile legends is a mobile game there a bit of difference between the two. I have played both I can say those two MOBA games are really fun! Best MOBA in pc is DOTA while the best MOBA on mobile is indeed mobile legend bang bang.
  8. Yes, I would like to travel this year! I would like to visit Japan and Korea mainly because I am a big fan of there culture being able to go the and experience the different things that to the country has to offer would be a dream for me.
  9. I've been using Facebook mostly for new updates, contacting my friends and relative using facebook messenger and also using it for my online business. Facebook is a great platform to spread your product awareness.
  10. I love PayPal! I have been using PayPal for all my online transactions it is easy to use and the services of the company is top notch. There is nothing bad I can say about PayPal! you just need to link it with your bank account and you're ready to go with all of your online transactions.
  11. Can a normal person earn good money on being a youtube? Maybe there are a lot of self-made YouTubers out dare who made a good amount of money but being a youtube take a lot of hard work and dedication being an overnight success on youtube is rare or near to impossible. Once your channel is monetized you earn money easily by doing advertisements.
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