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  1. I recently downloaded the malwarebytes application. It wasn't my computer that was in trouble, it was my android tablet. I has scanned it severally with some popular antivirus apps and found nothing. When I installed and used Malwarebytes, it picked up on one malware infection and deleted it. I think it's a really handy app to have.
  2. I'll go with photoshop. Maybe because I started out with it and I'm a little biased, but I think it's the best bet for me. I do a lot of picture editing and that makes photoshop a great tool for me. I'll try my hand out on Illustrator and In Design to see how it turns out. If you mentioned all three, then each one must have something to offer that the others do not.
  3. I use more of Youtube than vimeo. For my How to... videos, and other research material, I often run to Youtube. For updates on movies and website reviews, I run to Youtube. I think the only times I go to vimeo, is when I especially need to share a video with someone privately, or when someone shares one with me. There are few times when a video link I click on takes me to vimeo. These are the few times I actually visit vimeo.
  4. I happened to be engaged in a lot of traveling this past year. However, it was always in country. I work in the indie film industry back here and that usually means traveling between cities and sometimes, between countries. It so happened that there were no projects that had to take me out of the country this year. I am hoping for better luck next year. That said, I had plenty fun traveling between cities. There is always something exciting about visiting a place for the first time.
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