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  1. Well if i have a leisure time I really like breaking the OS on my computers. I've learned a lot about fixing/maintaining computers, exactly how they work, and how to get over the need to locally store data because I'm going to frequently wipe it all.
  2. Dragonheart. The movie where Sean Connery plays a dragon. It has a great score and the final scene has a heartbreaking piece you'll hear as background music on various commercials and The Oscar's from time to time.
  3. Playing guitar and bass, I've got a long way to go before I'm great at either, but I'm already way further along than when I started a few years ago. And watching movies, although Smash Ultimate distracted me for a while and I haven't gotten back to my movie collection just yet.
  4. I just got an ASUS TUF and it's been great so far. Runs Rise of the Tomb Raider on High/Very High settings at 1080p 60fps. My suggestion is to find one in your price range, then look up some reviews. Also find some videos of the machine on YouTube. That'll help with making a decision.
  5. My all time favorite tv series would be The walking dead, man I have watched all of its episode and it is very impossible for me to miss one and whenever i have a free time i would re-watch the previous seasons. because i like zombie apocalypse story.
  6. I am a gamer so if i am not working online i'm definitly infront of my PC or PS4 playing video games. My other hobbies are of course basketball to get physically fit and walking or running because i like to stay in shape. and i like to cook also.
  7. I don’t smoke. but because it’s basically depicted as being cool as hell. You can literally accentuate how cool a character is in literally any movie or other media by having them with a cigarette in hand, it’s weird. Not really worth having it do all kinds of bad things to your lungs and generally reduce your lifespan massively
  8. I am a freelancer so most of the time i am working. My only free time is when i eat and sleep. because time for me is very valuable. there is a lot of jobs on the internet to waste precious time.
  9. caguioa747

    Angry Birds

    It is really a cool and addictive game. If i remember correctly that this is the first game that i have on my first android phone and until now once in a while i still play this game.
  10. My favorite color is blue because it brings me calmness you know whenever you feel depressed and stressed I will just look at the sky and it relaxes me.
  11. I haven't tried fishing yet but it is one of my bucket lists. Maybe next month I can go fishing already. I don't know why but with just the idea of hooking a fish really excite's me. especially if i caught a big fish man i would be the happiest.
  12. Yes, I love working online because i can manage my own time and i can work whenever i want and there is more opportunity on working online. Plus I can have more thime with my family.
  13. The virtual desktop support was the thing Windows 10 sold on me. I need it to make my work and school work more productive. Find it very useful since day 1.
  14. The universal search function works perfectly on 7 and is completely useless on 10. I have 7 at home and 10 at work. If I want to work from home I have to use the latest version of everything for security reasons. I don't want to have a useless search function at home as well, so this regression is why I commute every day.
  15. Shiner Bock is always my go to. It tastes decent enough to enjoy at a meal, goes down smooth enough for drinking games, and doesn’t have a horrid aftertaste either way. Some of the specials were good too.
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