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  1. I think that wix is better. I found it way easier and I like the number of options you have on wix. But that is just my personal opinion. It does not mean that wix is better 100%. But I would definitely recommend it to you because it is great!
  2. I think that you need to enable Windows Defender if you have Windows 7 or newer OS. This is, sort of, antivirus program and it is quite good. It will do fine. However, this Defender can be used for some basic protection. If you fear that some high skilled hacker will attack your system, then you should go for some expensive antivirus program, which offers better protection than Windows Defender does.
  3. It depends and prices vary from place to place. But I would say that for an average, gaming PC that can run new games from 2018, you would need at least 600 dollars. I am talking about running Assassins Creed, a new one, PUBG, Fortnite on medium to high settings in Full HD resolution.
  4. I would consider buying a desktop PC instead of laptop in your place. I mean, if you want to buy something for gaming you should skip laptops. I mean, there are many good laptops out there for gaming but desktop PC with same specs can be built for less money, you know. But if you really want to go for laptop, check Alienware laptops!
  5. I think that you should switch to Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. Frankly, XP is outdated and Google stopped releasing updates for that OS. It basically forces you to upgrade your operative system. That is why you have those problems with some sites.
  6. I agree with the fact that IE is the worst browser out there! Situation is better with Microsoft Edge but Google Chrome still remains the champion! The most reliable browser out there, definitely!
  7. Thank you all people for replying to this. I have an announcement to make: I bought GTX 1050Ti! Framerates in my games jumped from 30 to 60! Wow! I hope I will not regret this!
  8. I am glad you had the problem solved. It appears that solution was too easy my friend. Good luck to you and I hope your PC serves you well!
  9. I did not make a single game but I am planning to. I started watching some tutorials on youtube about making a basic, 2D game, if that can be even called basic. Also, I bought some books about codes and programming and I hope they will be helpful when it comes the stuff about making games.
  10. I bought iOS based smartphone. Software wise, it is miles better than Android. Apps are also better and there are no "bad" apps as there are in google store. That is why the apps are more expensive. They are better than android ones. But I think that hardware wise iPhones are not so great as some high-end Android base smartphones are.
  11. It really depends on their skills. If they are both skilled, it is difficult for one to catch another and it is difficult for one who is evading the one who is chasing to escape. Those two hackers would probably both have a hard time chasing the other and escaping from the other. But one would surely slip at some point.
  12. I love both Google Chrome and Opera. But if I have to go with one, I would pick Chrome. It is more reliable, for me, of course. Opera recently started giving me errors whereas Chrome does not do that. Also, for watching some videos Opera requested me to download Adobe. Until I downloaded Adobe plug in I could not play any video. On the other hand, I did not need any additional software for Chrome-I installed it and everything worked fine.
  13. I actually learned about reddit maybe a year ago or so. And to be frank, I love it way more than I love Facebook. It is not that Facebook is bad or anything similar, it is just that reddit offers a lot more content. There are sub-threads regarding basically everything. There are way more quality posts and comments than there are on Facebook. But Facebook has better messaging system, photos can be shared. But other than that, everything is better on reddit.
  14. It is both good and bad. One of the good things about social media is the ability to connect with other people, who may be living far away. Also, social media is great for sharing photos and opinions. But there are some bad sides, of course. One of them is the location services which are practically always turned on. That means that administrators can always see your location. Also, privacy is at risk. Every coin has both good and bad sides. Same case with social media.
  15. Youtube. I have never used Vimeo and I think I will not. So there goes my vote. Youtube offers me a wide range of videos, from all categories. It basically has everything in it- music, movies, gaming and many other categories of videos. You just type whatever you want to in search engine and you will get many interesting videos. What I also like about youtube is a new feature called a dark theme. It looks even better than default one.
  16. I do not use it because it is so slow. Loading pages sometimes takes literally forever! It is also full of bugs and can not open every page which pops up when I search for something! I tried Microsoft Edge when I had Windows 10, which is basically the updated version of Internet Explorer and it was really fine. It was not slow like Internet Explorer but I still could not use it. Chrome and Opera are more reliable and better.
  17. I had similar problem like you. I solved it by moving a speaker's cable a little bit on the back of my computer and it somehow worked. You should try to plug them out and in a few times. If that does not work, try to install newest drivers or maybe even reinstall those drivers that you have right now and then install the new ones. If that does not work, you should maybe consider reinstalling your operative system. I hope some of these tips will help you. Good luck!
  18. I think Windows 7 is better because it has 64-bit system, whereas Windows XP does not have. Also, the support for Windows XP ended and I think that Windows 7 is still supported nowadays. The amount of games you can play on Windows 7 is much larger than the amount of games you can play on your XP system.
  19. Thank you so much! One of my friend has this graphic card and every game he plays plays on high and medium. I think I will go for GTX 1050Ti but I will wait a little bit more to see what others has to say. How much did you pay for your graphic card?
  20. You should try to boot your PC without one stick of a RAM memory. I had a similar problem and what I wrote solved my problem. It is probably a problem with corrupted RAM memory. I hope this will help you. Other possibility is that your OS is failing.
  21. You should choose something unique, something that suits you and your style. Yet, you should be careful when picking a domain name. It needs to be unique but at the same time it needs to be short and simple. Why short and simple, you may wonder? Well, short and simple in order for people to remember it more easy. You should make it distinctive and powerful. Just think carefully about it and something will come up! Trust me!
  22. I have mixed feelings towards them. Sometimes, they are just great and fast, regarding transactions on your credit card or bank account. However, sometimes they tend to block your account, without specifying the exact reason why they did that. Also, their fees when you withdraw money on your card are big, if you ask me. The responds of their customer service is sometimes just copied message and it seems to me that sometimes they do not even read an e-mail you sent to them with regards to your problem.
  23. Hello people. I am planning to upgrade my PC. I wanted to ask you, for your opinion on this matter. Which graphic card should I buy? GTX 1050 ti or RX 460? I want to be able to play some new games above 30 fps, in full HD resolution. The rest of my specification is decent, but I think I am lacking a good graphic card.
  24. People tend to overclock their CPU because they want to make games and programs run better on their PC. Some people overclock their CPU because some CPUs are good for overclocking and tweaking. Also, the reason why people overclock CPUs is simple: the numbers. The higher the number, the more powerful your machine looks like, I guess 3.8 Ghz processor looks more powerful than 3.2 Ghz one ( if we are talking about overclocked and default speeds of the same processor, of course ).
  25. Windows 7. I can name a dozen things, but I will name just a few: -It is the most stable one, it never crashed or gave me blue screen of death like Windows 10 did when I installed it. -Big number of games on the market are better optimized for Windows 7 systems. -The UI is more simple and more beautiful. -The Skype app works better. It is not that Windows 10 is not good. But I do not like something about it. I mean, a huge number of unnecessary programs running in the background ruined the Windows 10 experience for me. Also, system is constantly updated and I even read
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