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  1. I like Google because it always allow me to search fast and convenient. It gives hints to possible keywords without even typing everything. It is widely used and is easy to used.
  2. Thanks for sharing this SEO tips. This will help webmasters in getting the rank they wanted. And your damn right regarding content. It doesn't matter if it's short so long as it has informative content needed by people who searched the net. This information is handy as I am thinking of creating my own website.
  3. A social media site should serve it's purpose. That would mean that it should seek to provide a good standing in the social media circle. Although, it was able to gather a number of users, I am afraid it will just be another sex indulging sites. One which is better off in the dark web.
  4. Tiktok seems to be an interesting and fun app. I was able to use it together with my colleagues. I'm not quite sure though if it has the power to be social media sites that has a lot of users. It seems to be more of an app for fun.
  5. Business advertisement nowadays come in a handful of different scheme to attract potential clients. Videos add more sense and life to an advertisement, although it is more costly than images. I would personally go for videos but would never mind using both in persuading customers.
  6. Offline advertising is still a must in doing business. Most people trust a brand once they know the person involve. Word of the mouth through personal interaction can go along in dealing with possible prospective clients. I don't mind doing offline and online advertising. It is what I do for most endeavor I choose to be a part of.
  7. Well for the record, a degree in general helps uplift most people from poverty. Getting a degree would mean being able to get a decent job in a company. In some cases, it depends on how you take matters into your own hand. There are individuals who made it big without diploma while others who had the degree are still on the run for success.
  8. I haven't done any actual upselling online, most of it happens offline though. I'm not quite sure if I'm going to do the trick and integrate it in my business plan just in case. I experienced upselling by a cashier in fast food and I don't like the way it was handled. She told me I'm gonna saved if I upsize my fries rather than the regular one. When asked if how much is the cost of meal with upsize fries it turns out that I'm gonna pay more 15 dollar than the first one. Then, she must have realize my question and stop. That's another upselling technique that doesn't work.
  9. I choose laptop because I can carry it wherever I go. Desktop would be to heavy to carry everyday to work. With laptop, I can choose to look for the smallest one without carrying load of weight.
  10. I'm not quite sure about Bitcoin future. It has gone into news and some articles for quite sometime. I play Bitcoin for quite a while and haven't had any success yet. Bitcoin trading is famous as well in some income earner sites and apps mixed to a combination of survey and tasks that earns buck. If bitcoin is set to be a currency, I believe it will take more time than what has been predicted. No one can tell.
  11. I like Instagram for it's photosharing functionality. It seems to work the same like facebook, and it has comments function right now. It is easily paired with Facebook and can drive me to create artistic picture to be shared across social media sites.
  12. I don't like ads from number 2-4. I can deal with those on the other side but not to advertisement that are really there to let me know they are there. What I mean is, ads that plays without me clicking and ads that stops me from clicking the next page, the same goes for ads that most of that time redirect me to Google Play store. It sort of annoys me to be led there without me having the intention to do so.
  13. I used 2 factor authentication once in Facebook. Got rid of it when I found out I got hacked despite the security measure I took. I don't know how it was done, but the function to authenticate itself got disabled. It took me more than 6 months to regain access to my account. When I regained access I just found out that the setting has been broken and there had been traces of changes in my Facebook account.
  14. Social media is both a boon and a bane. I believe that it boils down to how you used it in your life. Social media is quite addictive specially for younger generation. I've seen how unfocused and gadget dependent they are. You can see that they have loads of friends in Facebook but has little to no interaction with actual people they are friends on social media. That is, I think the bad impact of social media to real social context. On the other hand, Facebook has led family together no matter the distance because of it's messaging function and video calls to families and friends.
  15. I believe that YouTuber can earn money through YouTube. I have seen many person do it, and earn hefty amount of money. It takes guts and will, plus artistically creative mind to be able to create content that attracts viewers. Once the video becomes a hit, more subscription will come in and commercial in the video can bring more profit for the YouTuber.
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