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    Hey there! I've become very interested in programming since it looks like a very promising occupation, I want to acquire the necessary expertise to excel at my work. This is a whole new world for me, programming has helped see things from a new perspective, I even feel I'm becoming more logical lol
    But yeah, essentially I'm enjoying the learning process and I'm amazed at all the possibilities programming offers and all the little things I've created so far.
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  1. It depends on your needs, a desktop PC will always be more capable than a laptop, but there are consumers that need mobility so they go for laptops. Personally, I think laptops are rather fragile and delicate, and wouldn't use them unless I absolutely need to.
  2. Why don't you try looking up if there are Windows 7 versions of those programs? You might have to browse through older versions catalogues which sometimes aren't do easy to find, though.
  3. Blue screens of death are notorious because it's hard (I'd say outright impossible) to diagnose what causes them, and even if they stop appearing there's no guarantee that the issue won't reoccur. The best one can do is checking ram, hard disk, how the overall OS is working and identify with what programs the bsod comes up. But from what you say it could be that your pc is too old for efficiently running Chrome, I'd use that computer with a light Linux distro instead.
  4. Well, I think you should at least learn how to use Photoshop, maybe not learning everything but at least the basic functions and tools. Also, find out what you really want to learn about graphic design.
  5. Sometimes I question whether games efficiently use all the resources a phone offers. I think these high-end phones have overkill specs, but in general, gaming on Android doesn't look as refined as console gaming and seriously with the money you have for a "gaming phone" you're better off getting a handheld console. I have to admit, though, that maybe it's the new communication technologies are what makes phone games so appealing (basically, being able to connect to the internet), something that most regular handheld consoles lack.
  6. dullian


    Well, it's 2019, this guide is kinda outdated, but just imagine how many improvements have been since then! I've seen that ps3 and even Nintendo Switch can be emulated. Emulators on consoles themselves are also worthy of mention, it's like having several consoles in one!
  7. Thanks for the replies! I thought registering a domain was free, though. I actually was more interested in free options like a blog on Blogger (if that still exists) since it seems the process of setting your blog and making entries looks pretty simple. That's not to say I don't want to learn how to set up a website, though, I just want a simpler way to start sharing my ideas.
  8. My interest in making websites comes pretty much from my interest in programming. Since it's often suggested starting out with HTML in order to get a basic idea of web programming. I don't find HTML as complicated as other programing languages, though.
  9. Hello. I'm interested in setting up my first website. I'd like to know what steps I should follow. I've learned some HTML if that helps a little. I want something free so I can get the ropes of how to administer a site. I'm fine if it's something like a blog. What are your tips? Thanks.
  10. Have you tried The Odin Project? It's kinda demanding, but if you're serious it could be very beneficial. Also, it's free, and I think they give you a certification when you finish the program (not sure about this one, though), but yeah, I think it's a very good option.
  11. Yes, it seems Illustrator it's the way to go when it comes to logos. I guess it has to do with the fact that the image might have to be used in several sizes and formats throughout the website and having an fixed size might not be the most optimal solution. Photoshop is good but only for images that you know won't be modifying too often.
  12. Hmm... HTML is not a programming language per se, I see it more as text formatting, but I don't see anything wrong with starting with HTML, it deals with programming extensively so you'll eventually start out on the road to coding. I always recommend starting out with Python due to its simplicity, you'll learn basic programming notions and find out if it works for you :)
  13. I'd like to try graphic design, but it seems like a very saturated market. I guess it's worth learning about it since it would enable you to do some stuff by yourself, but aside that I'd say it takes dedication and, more importantly, passion to take graphic design as an occupation. At least I'd like to learn how to do some simple stuff, though.
  14. It certainly helps, but it's not a given that you'll easily find a job. It's about how you move in the real world and seize the opportunities. Luckily, in the freelancing world, the academical background is not as relevant since more emphasis is placed on your work regardless of your experience. That's what I've heard, at least.
  15. It's kind of bothersome, but I guess better safe than sorry. At least I'm at ease knowing no one will be able to access my stuff unless they have my phone... hopefully. It's also a bit bothersome having to use apps specifically for authentication, though, a sms is much simpler.
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