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  1. Haven't used the platform yet, but will definitely check it out. I just wonder how it works. Do you get paid according to the number of posts you make or the number of visitors that land on your blog?
  2. I agree that Magento comes with a bit of a learning curve, but it's one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms that you'll find. I used it to build a simple clothing store with a few dozen items for a client a while back and it was fine. However, the items didn't have any customization options besides the size. I also used a few WordPress shopping cart plugins to create stores that had just a couple items, but can't remember their names.
  3. Steemit, Voat and Gab are those that I can think of. Of course, they don't have the same amount of popularity as the big platforms, but they can give you some exposure and SEO benefits. It never hurts to establish a presence for your business on a wide range of different social media sites.
  4. The problem is that many hosting provider pull shenanigans like giving new customers a discounted introductory price for 2 or 3 years of hosting, but then charging them the regular price when it's time to renew. This regular price can be several times higher. Therefore, if I was on a month to month plan with a host, I wouldn't really mind setting up some type of automatic payment plan or paying for a few months in advance. However, if I paid for a year or more of hosting in advance, I would be wary of having the provider automatically renew my subscription.
  5. Welcome to the forum. You'll find that there is a lot of useful information about various IT-related topics here. I hope that you enjoy your stay.
  6. The ones I find the most annoying are ads that autoplay sound without any interaction. Another problem with them is that video ads tend to use up a lot of system resources and can sometimes crash the browser. This is why I now use an ad blocker when browsing the web, it really cuts down on the amount of annoying ads that I get to experience.
  7. It's definitely a ranking factor now. This is why you should create profiles for your business on the main social platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. By adding links to your website in your profile and regularly sharing content on your timeline, you can help boost your website's overall ranking. It seems like being active on social media sends search engines the message that your business is legitimate and ready to interact with its customers.
  8. I've used a laptop and netbook for the past few years. Mostly to just browse the Internet and work on SEO or content production projects. I don't really play video games or run any demanding applications that would work better on a desktop, so there isn't much of a difference for me.
  9. I remember the first version of Internet explorer when I was a kid. Haven't used it as a browser in years though, since I use Ubuntu on my laptop. Chrome/Firefox/Opera have worked well for me.
  10. Running a profitable hosting business has gotten a lot more difficult lately, as there's so much competition from companies like Go Daddy and Hostgator. You can make some extra money if you provide services like SEO, web design, e-commerce website management and offer hosting as a value added service. But I don't think it's a good idea to start a host on its own.
  11. Making money from parked domains is a bit hard, unless they already receive a fair amount of traffic. You can add a placeholder page that directs visitors to another website you own or displays ads. However, to build a website's traffic, you'll need to have some useful content to attract visitors.
  12. I've been using Ubuntu for several years and never had any problems with it. It's one of the easiest distros of Linux to get started with if you've used Windows. Very simple to set up and download the software you need, such as web browsers, productivity suites, etc.
  13. It depends on how much traffic you expect your sites to receive. If you plan on growing you traffic and getting thousands of daily visitors, it's best to set everything up on a VPS right from the start. VPS hosting isn't expensive and having everything on your own server will save you the trouble of moving your sites from a shared host later on.
  14. I prefer to pay monthly for web hosting. It gives you more flexibility to just close the account if you no longer needed. This can sometimes happen with projects that don't really get off the ground. Another potential issue is that the quality of service at a hosting provider can go downhill all of a sudden. Or maybe you could realize that the hosting services they provide no longer suit your needs. If you've paid for several years of hosting in advance, you could waste a lot of money that way.
  15. It depends on whether or not you want search engines to be an important source of traffic to your website. If you get most of your traffic from PPC or social media, you may not care about adding SEO-optimized content. But otherwise, it's always a good idea to run a blog that has posts which follow some basic SEO guidelines in terms of length, content quality, etc/
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