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  1. ohh. thought there was a problem with my internet. ok thanks
  2. ive attached an image, look at this image and tell me the problem. i get this all the time thanks
  3. ive already said it on facebook, but ill say it on her too happy birthday
  4. great list. they defiantly will come in-handy in the future
  5. Nice review and great phone
  6. Black ops maps are already out. is there a second pack coming out?
  7. hi Ninjashizzle, Welcome to Geeksoup
  8. downstairs, "32 inch" upstairs, a very old TV. looks about "26 inch"
  9. Strike


    cheers shaunoo and thrill
  10. Strike


    hi i wanted to know if any one would know where i could get some more DDR from. i have attached some print screens of the information you may need Also i found a website with a 512MB on, if you could have a look see if it would work. http://www.ebuyer.com/product/49447 I'm going to attachment SPD Motherboard details Memory
  11. there isn't an option for stop sharing. and i want it to be like windows xp were if he goes to click on anything of mine it comes up with access denied..
  12. i want to stop him from being able to go onto my desktop.
  13. me and my brother both have an account on windows 7 and we are both administrators but i want to stop him being able to look at my documents, is this possible?
  14. hi, my mum has won this software that is called Rescue Your Videotapes. it is made by magix. they've sent it her and its only for the macOS. they do a windows one but the one she won was a macOS is there any chance that you can do something so the mac one works on windows? heres the url: http://www.magix.com/gb/rescue-your-videotapes/ if you scroll down at the bottom theres is a red box which is for windows, but my mum got the white box witch is for macOS.
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