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  1. AS a programmer, you are always on the lookout for that perfect IDE (Integrated Development Editor). The same has been the scenario with me. I remember when I started off, I was into core simple PHP and back then, all I had was notepad. Eventually migrated to notepad++ and then found NetBeans. But as I aged in the world of Programming, newer technologies came into existence - jQuery, CSS, BootStrap and what not. Even PHP migrated from being a Procedural language to an Object Oriented Language; not to mention the different variants like Smarty, CodeIgniter etc, Gone are the days when you worked on only one Language at a time. Today, you do need to be aware of so many other stuff too and probably, you have also to include some of them in your regular work. I have read and also heard from many that if you are on a Mac, there are great IDEs. Sadly not so on the Windows platform - when I say this I refer to the ones that are free to use or do not cost much. For me, I have been using Sublime Text for a while now and do feel that it is one of the best for people who work on PHP. So the question is - what editor has been your choice and what do you like about it?
  2. Practically, this depends on what kind of stuff you are into. Mostly when you create static websites (which are stale and considered history, today), you probably never use the Databases. But it doesn't end just there. I mean, sites based on CMS like OpenCart, WordPress and a whole bunch of others, do need some database. Agreed, on most of the cases you might never interact with Databases directly. However, once you start developing stuff known as Web Applications, you cannot escape the use of the Databases. I had been involved with many such projects in the past that did need an exhaustive use of database. Having worked with different ones - Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and the now popular MariaDB, I feel all have been similar thanks to the basic SQL language which got standardized decades ago. Currently, I am working on a project that includes two different Databases - MS SQL Server and MariaDB - and until now, it has been fun. Complications are expected ahead, but at this stage, I am happy that I am working on such a project. Oh yes, and I am on PHP 7.x
  3. If you read the content of the discussion and not just the Headline, I never said NOT to study PHP. Practically, I know many who have no idea of programming in any language for that matter, but they are earning great monetarily by simply making use of the CMS that are available around. Today's drag and drop HTML features and those advanced Themes for the CMS makes living so much easier. Agreed, you cannot get into providing solutions to complex Web Applications without knowing in depth about the programming language you use, but then, how many of those technical guys get landed on such Projects?
  4. As a website consultant I have seen that many of my clients would wait for the last day when the opt in for renewing their Web Hosting Subscription. Despite the fact that many of these Web Hosting Providers have a Auto Renew kind of feature enabled, yet, it remains something which many of my clients do not prefer. They cite different reasons - Privacy, unease of sharing credit card information and even what if they close out or go rogue! - yeah, weird ones too come across! I, however, on the other hand, always recommend that you keep your hosting update with the payments to avoid the last minute hassles. Though almost all good web hosting providers do give you a grace period - wherein they keep your stuff with them safe before they start purging out your files etc, still, I see no reason for anyone to wait and risk missing out the payments to them. So let me be straightforward and ask you - When do you decide to make the next payment to your Web Hosting Provider? I mean - a. Do you use their auto renew feature (if they have one) OR b. Do you make a payment manually before the last date for renewal OR c. Wait until the last possible day for renewing Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas
  5. Lets look at the practical scenario - Many of the coders or developers, today, that can actually have used SQL work on pre-built CMS - WordPress, Magento, Opencart or even anything that might have been developed by their organization. And these CMS Apps normally dont have a necessity to code the SQL instructions. Having said that, there are definitely some Custom PHP sites that would need complex SQL queries for their Databases - but practically, many of the coders who would use those Joins might not be here on the forum. I think the JOINs are best used in Apps where there is some kind of Analysis that needs to be done with the data in the Database. And definitely, these are tricky to use for newbies and chances of getting them wrong at the first go are higher. I remember when I was learning this SQL, I did take many days to get a hold of these JOINs but now, I think with age, I am much better with them.
  6. Come to think of it. There are so many frameworks for PHP around. CodeIgniter has been around for years and so has Cake PHP. The new ones on the internet like Larvel have been doing great too. When you think to modify themes on CMS like WordPress or Opencart or even Magento, I find that there are so many functions already bundled into the CMS making the use of Core PHP codes almost negligible. Agreed, these all CMS have some PHP that they are built upon. All of this leads me to ask - if there is a scenario where you can learn some base PHP and migrate to one of these CMS or Frameworks - avoiding the need of coding using the Core PHP and still keep surviving in the market?
  7. Christmas is around. I have ordered my Arduino Uno from Amazon and am very excited already. I have plans to using it to control LEDs with Music and also write codes to get a Camera working at some point of time. My intention for the start is to attach a set of 50 LEDs with my Arduino Uno - write some code - they say to stick to C or Assembly - such that I can make these lights sync to some music. I was just wondering if anyone out here has been into IoT or even some hobby projects using Arduino.
  8. Hell. I had been searching for this every place I knew. And I find this here on my very first day. Lucky Me!!! Many of my clients have always this issue. Mostly been using those caching plugins and as such, almost every time you alter some CSS Styles, you definitely need to manually clear the server caches. And then, when you view, the browser cache does not clear up unless you do this manually. My problem - I always have at least 15 tabs on my browser where I am logged in and clearing the cache right now... well, it is a dreadful thought for sure. I am thankful to you @Nathan for mentioning this "Busted". I am surely gonna implement it on most of my clients. I know of a few plugins that havent been updated in years, but still work good with Wordpress. If this plugin - Busted - worked on 4.9.4 I do assume, it will work for years to come - as it works on PHP 7.x. Many wordpress installations now run on php 7.x and so I assume, your installation too was on version 7.x.
  9. Hello All. The Boring Stuff first - I have been a Jack of All Trades in the world of coding and more specifically, I have been working as a Website Consultant over the past few years. My roles typically include consulting and providing options to clients that they can have when they are planning a new website - not much of coding though. But prior to that I did several years on HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. My career span has been more than 20 years and during this I have done Teaching, Mentoring, Software Development (C, Visual Basic). The Better Stuff - I have joined this forum for three distinct reasons - a. I have started feeling lonely and confined to what I do at the moment. This forum, I think, can help me get away from some of my confinement as I do find some great threads here. b. I also intend to share what I know - not much I agree, but still, something can always help, right? c. Plus, I also look forward to getting help on my doubts. After all, everyone has some issues or the other at some point. So here I am - code named Siddy - an Indian. Looking forward to meeting great people, building great relations. Cheers all.
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