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  1. I used it in 2012-2013 and oh my god it was a terrible experience especially with the anonymous questions turned on. It really is a haven for bullies and trolls, it's not healthy, I mean you can ignore those offensive questions but I'd rather not use it and be in peace.
  2. I use it if possible. I like the idea of 2FA because I'm obsessed with online security and I always turn on anything that's about security. 2FA can be annoying sometimes especially when receiving codes via SMS but it never bothered me that much, I mean I prefer that than just a password protection.
  3. I prefer Twitter because it's focused more on everyone's thoughts compared to Instagram/Facebook which are focused on visuals, what you look like or physical appearance. And I don't have anything to contribute on those platforms so I stick with Twitter, I'm happy with it & I'm always on Twitter.
  4. Oh I think social media is good. It helped us be connected to each other, but like any other things, it also has its own downsides. Social media is here for a good reason but how people use it is what makes it somewhat bad, but it's not social media's fault but us. I personally avoid Facebook and use only Twitter and Instagram, I don't have to be on Facebook because everyone's on Facebook, if you don't like something about social media, the good thing is you can always delete your account or choose to keep it but ignore what you don't like.
  5. I used it as an alternative to Facebook but I recently deleted the app because I got bored with reblogging stuff but I did not delete my account because I change my mind a lot. But for now, I only use Twitter. I really want something new to compete with them, especially to Facebook because I hate it and I want it replaced.
  6. I don't use Facebook anymore but I've used it to promote stuff, it was such a great help because it's the biggest social network and people use it WAY TOO MUCH so it's good to take advantage of that using Facebook/Instagram Ads. I didn't really post anything on my personal account because I think Twitter's got a better experience so I only use Twitter now.
  7. I don't think it's similar to Facebook so it's not a good comparison. However, I've used both and I'm gonna go with Reddit, I learned a lot of things on Reddit, I like seeing people's discussions plus everyone can be anonymous and Reddit, on Facebook you can do that to but they might lock your account for until you prove to them your identity. I think Reddit is much safer and they don't want to know everything about you.
  8. I like that I can disable comments on my posts compared to other social media sites like Facebook which I don't get why it's not yet implemented because Facebook is the biggest social network and that means more bullies. Plus it's cleaner and way less cluttered than Facebook.
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