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  1. I personally really like Wix. For a free site their website designs are sleek and easy to use, which are two things I gravitate towards when using any kind of blog or design software. Highly recommend it if you’re looking to start a blog.
  2. The majority of people I see these days having success as influencers seem to be very young (late teens/twenties) and also seem to have celebrity-style good looks. I’m just average in the looks department so sadly I don’t think I’ve got a chance of being an influencer!
  3. I feel like I use Facebook less and less these days for personal use. It's often for work related stuff (groups for freelancing projects, for instance), and I also use it quite regularly for online buy/swap/sell pages to declutter my house! I don't often post though about personal stuff anymore. Just prefer to keep my private life private for the most part.
  4. It's like anything in life - there are both good and bad sides to it. I think it's helpful for keeping people connected, but there is the bad side, such as too much time spent on social media and not enough time spent with people in real life - and also the bullying aspect of social media, which seems to be becoming more prevalent these days.
  5. A lot of my faves are on Neflix. The Good Place, The Crown, and Anne with an E are three that I've watched on repeat and really enjoyed. I think Netflix just gives you so many options when it comes to TV shows - you can never get bored! Always something to tune into and enjoy.
  6. In terms of clothing and things I gravitate towards, I'd say that I like navy blue and olive green. I guess I go towards those classic neutrals since they change well with the times and are versatile. If we're talking more of a color that we just enjoy and appreciate rather than wear, I'd probably pick purple.
  7. I've only really delved into the regular channels - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are used by my business at present. Hoping to expand that in the not too distant future, but I always appreciate personal recommendations from people about which platforms they've used and had success with. It can be daunting trying to delve into a new platform without having some kind of feedback about how it performs.
  8. A big part of my goals are to earn more - and that comes with taking on more projects and trying to establish a brand more. So far already in January I've been getting up earlier and staying up later to try and get work done, but I'm hoping that these short term sacrifices will end up seeing some longer term goals and more financial stability for my business.
  9. Right now I’ve got my laptop set up like a desktop anyway - it sits on my desk, I have a separate Bluetooth mouse that I use, so in many respects using a laptop gives me the best of both worlds. If I need to move it around with me I’ve got the flexibility of doing so, but I’ve also got the ability to just leave it put on a desk.
  10. Great question! I am usually happy to pay for stuff that I know people can do substantially better than I can - particularly when it comes to layouts/design. I’m okay at some designs, but if I was doing a complete website overhaul for instance, I’d rather enlist the help of a professional. Same goes for stuff that is exceptionally time consuming. For me I often find it can just be easier to outsource the work.
  11. Can't believe the holiday season is already over! We spend the holidays as family time - we usually prepare and eat a meal together, open gifts on Christmas Day, and then just spend time relaxing and enjoying each other's company. I think that's one of the best things about the holiday season, just getting to spend quality time with loved ones. It's a real chance to just slow down and be appreciative.
  12. That's a big part of why I decided to use them initially. Sure, I could take a risk and go with a cheaper, less well known alternative, but honestly I value stability and reliability when it comes to my website. It's not something I feel comfortable really deviating from.
  13. I love it - I'm super grateful for it, too. I'm a mom with young children, so being able to work from home and work online is such a wonderful thing. I get the best of both worlds - I can spend time with my children, and when they nap or go to bed for the night I can crank out work on my schedule. The flexibility is hard to beat, and at this stage of life that's a really essential thing for me.
  14. You know, I think it really depends on the degree. I've got a lot of friends who have studied at university and snagged great jobs, and an equal amount of friends who studied at university and struggled to find stable, long term employment in their field of study. I imagine a lot of it also depends on the country you live in and the demand for those industries there.
  15. GoDaddy is the only site I’ve personally used for hosting and I went with them originally because of their great reputation. Nothing but good things to say about them. If you’re a big site and expecting a lot of traffic I think the big names give you some peace of mind.
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