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  1. Having an offline hobbies could help us improve our physical and mental health. Bodybuilding has become my offline hobby, from lifting weights to eating the right foods at right amount and being motivated all the time. It improve my mental and physical health and I don't even think about stopping from it even though when I get older.
  2. This could be different in many ways. If you finish a profession like doctors, pilots, chefs then that would surely an assurance for your future but if doesn't have a degree but you still work hard then it doesn't also matter. You could put up a business, it could also an assurance for your future. It was just how we act for our life and how we work hard from it. It doesn't really matter if you have a degree or not as long as you know how to earn some money then you are good to go.
  3. This is the most thing that I regret. I am currently smoking for 6years and everytime I smoke, I always regret about it but I couldn't stop. I tried to stop before for about 3months and something happened that triggered me to go back on my bad habit. I am still planning to stop it but everytime I tried, my cravings to lit one was very crazy. I couldn't stop even though I know that I can because I have done it before. I hope very soon I am able to stop that my body could thank me in the future.
  4. I have many plans this 2019. I have a full-time job and planning to look for another one that pays better. I am currently at one of the best company in my country but I am seeking for better opportunities. I want to save a lot and to buy my very own car. I will focus on it for now and I hope, before this year ends. I already achieve my goals and plans this 2019.
  5. I have a full-time work and I also work during holidays or any type of occasions but luckily, I had the chance to have some day off during Christmas and New year so I celebrate it with my family and friends. We played some games with some prizes. We exchanged gifts and eat foods tht we prepared. I mostly I give myself a reward of long sleep because it was the only time that I could give my self a reward without any spending happened.
  6. I am the kind of person who doesn't have enough time for my self, I work 8 hours a day for 6 days, I am burning 5 hours of my time during travel from work to house and vice versa, I sleep for 7hours and I work out 1hour daily and I only got 3hours to chill and relax.
  7. My favorite color is blue when it comes to my environment. My room is painted with some light and dark blue and it was so relaxing in it. It was very pleasing to my eyes when I see some color blue and could relax me. I also wear some blue shirts and slides and I feel like I am fresh from wearing it but I usually wear some dark colors rather than blue.
  8. You will love working online specially when you are earning from it no matter how big or small it is. I have a full-time job and I only work online when I have some free time and I used to love it. I could learn a lot while earning and aside from that, you could also improve some of your skills from it. It is so beneficial so that I was easily in love with online working.
  9. I live in an area where fishing wasn't available and I need to go to places that was very far at home if I want to go on fishing. I used to love fishing when I am still young and living at our province where fishing is everywhere. Me and my cousins used to go on fishing once a week and they are also the one who taught me. It wasn't really hard but all you need is patience becuse it requires a lot. If you give up too fast, you will never enjoy fishing specially when you caught one and the feeling of it but then when I grow up and move to a city, I didn't try to go fishing once again but I would
  10. I love reggae music specially with those who made by Bob Marley. I am always listening to his music everyday, when I am traveling or even doing my freelance jobs. It keeps me relax and focus of what I am doing. I also listen to his music when before bed and it makes me fall asleep faster than my usual routines. It was one of my top list in my playlist and I will never get over with it because it has a part of my daily life.
  11. I regularly goes to church when I was young and when I grow up, I am not able to do it because of my busy schedule. I only got one day off and still I am busy about it but I always remember about our God's grace. I always pray for the food, travel, for another day and still it felt like I am secured and blessed when I do it. When there are also problems in my life, I will communicate to him and it was just stress relieving.
  12. I am a full-time employee from a company and being in online industry or freelancing was just my part time. I don't even give so much time about it and I was just enjoying what I am doing while I am earning. I just freelancing when I don't have much to do or traveling from home to work or vice versa. I would rather do some freelancing while I am traveling rather than using some social media apps or play some games. I don't take it seriously but it helps me to have some extra cash even though it wasn't too big. It also helps me to relax and focus for sometime.
  13. I love working online and I only work online with my free time. I have a full-time job daily and one day realized that I am just wasting my time when I travel from home to work or vice versa. So I decided to look for some online jobs so I could earn while I'm traveling. I only look for some earning sites where I could only use my smartphone and after that, I am not earning a lot with it because it was just for my free time but still it could help for my daily expenses.
  14. I have been using this paypal for my freelance jobs or online jobs and it was very easy to use and I could also transfer my earning to other app where I could easily withdraw my earnings rather than transfer it through my bank account. I am new to this and I already withdraw some cash from it that's why it is also the reason that I trust paypal.
  15. Who doesn't love to travel where they can afford to travel. I only travel once or twice a year to the places that I've never been to but I also consider on going back to the places that I love very much. I don't have plans yet this year but maybe this coming summer 2019 would be a good time to travel. I also want to travel alone and I never tried once. I always imagine the experiences that I could have when I do it alone. So let's see this coming 2019 if my plans would be done.
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