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  1. For me it is House M.D. I guess that it is because I'm studying medicine. I love the content of these TV series along with the characters. The rare patient cases that the main characters are solving are very interesting to me. It simply makes medicine more interesting to me.
  2. Never tried to smoke, and never will. Nothing is worth your health. I guess most of the people begin to smoke because they think it is cool or something like that. I personally, don't think that is cool. For me, having a healthy life is much cooler. I also don't like to be near the people who smoke, because It is not good for health too. Everyone makes their choice, and my choice is healthy life.
  3. During my idle time I try to relax as much as I can, to restore some energy which I need for studying. So I usually watch some movie, listen to music, play guitar, play chess... Or I play some sports: soccer, basketball, tennis... That also helps me to have a better focus for the studying that comes after. Physical training is good for the mental health. So I also do some physical exercising.
  4. dzonyfox2

    Angry Birds

    Angry birds is a really great game. Simple puzzle game, but very addictive. The game was released years ago, but still many people play it nowadays. Used to play it a lot before, now not that much often, because I'm at college and I'm studying a lot. But I still play it sometimes.
  5. My favorite color is light blue. I generally love light colors, because of their brightness they bring light in to my life. They have a positive effect on my mood. But my favorite one is blue color, because it reminds me of the sky, which I enjoy watching at. It is such a relaxing color.
  6. dzonyfox2


    Old but gold! It is 2018. and soon it will be 2019., and I still enjoy playing old PS1/PS2 games on PC, thanks to emulators. Maybe I love these games so much because they remind me of my childhood, although graphics are outdated.
  7. Sports off course. They keep you healthy and in a good physical form. Love to play chess too. It sharps my brain. And I really enjoy spending time in the nature. So cycling and walking are also my hobbies. There is nothing like breathing a fresh air.
  8. A river runs through it, made me cry, very sad and emotional story of two brothers. Both of them are good people. One of them, the older brother continues with studying, he continues to go by the good way, but the younger one goes by the wrong way, starts to gamble and in the end he gets killed. And through the whole movie, despite their differences, one thing that has always been connecting them is fly fishing, which they have learned from their father. Fishing has always been connecting them. The end, when younger brother gets killed, is very sad.
  9. If I'm doing something really important or something that is not going smoothly, then I rather don't listen to music, because I need a really good concentration. But if I'm in not that much stressful situation I prefer rock music, mostly older songs, from 80s, 70s... It relaxes me and gives me positive energy, so I can fully enjoy in what I'm doing.
  10. I prefer PC. Because it is a device that I often use, it has everything, not only games. So that way I have all in one place. Also I am using keyboard and mouse, which are for many games much better choice then joystick which you have to use for console gaming. Many games are just better optimized for keyboard and mouse. And if I want to, I can easily switch to joystick on PC. On PC i can also do multiple things, like listen to music that I want and play a game, in the same time.
  11. I love playing chess, reading books, drawing, painting, playing sports, training sports. I often walk around the city or ride a bicycle if it's good weather. But most of all I enjoy in the nature, I love to just look in to the blue sky, beautiful shapes that clouds are performing, bright stars. I love to just be there, in the nature, hearing beautiful songs of the birds, breathing that fresh air. Those are my hobbies.
  12. I'm a competitive person, so I have to say online games. Love to play with other people, it is more interesting to me. I love to play offline games too, but I enjoy more playing online games. Also, offline games are often the ones that you eventually finish up, and online games are often the ones you cannot finish. You can play online game forever, and it will still have a point. But when you finish an offline story mode it is quite boring to play it again.
  13. Light blue. I like light colors in general, because I believe they have a positive effect on my mood. But light blue is my favourite, it reminds me of the sky, so relaxing. It is also a color of my eyes so any clothes in that color fits me great.
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