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  1. While mobile can be a great new platform for the future of gaming, I don't see it as being enough to compete with consoles and PC that it requires a "gaming phone", as most high-end mobile games are not that power-hungry compared to AAA PC titles.
  2. Dear god, that is just creepy. The idea of artificial robots looking like us unsettles me. It's crossing the line of the "uncanny valley".
  3. I've used Internet Explorer for a total of three times in my lifetime. First, when I explored the depths of my new computer. Second, when I used it to install Google Chrome. Third, when I accidentally clicked it by accident. Pretty sad, but its an unfortunate truth that Internet Explorer is an inferior web browser. I don't know about Edge, though...
  4. I like fishing, but not because it's fun. It's because I like eating fish (also free food is nice). The relaxation of fishing is a plus.
  5. I'm a gamer (primarily playing Dota 2), I read books, and I do coding sometimes. I also stargaze sometimes and play the piano.
  6. axl2468

    Angry Birds

    Oh do I remember the times when I used to play Angry Birds on my iPhone 4. Imo I think the game was ruined for having too many spin-offs and microtransactions, though.
  7. Volvo. They're one of the only game devs that haven't sold out like Bethesda (*ahem* Fallout 76 *ahem*) and they are just so simple and made generally good games. also they are just a small indie company with little money
  8. 1. You can't compare a PC game to a mobile game. That's like asking which is better: PS4 or PSVita/PSP. 2. New does not equal better. 3. In my opinion, Dota 2 is the most strategically deep and balanced online game and I love it. It also has the best skill design (abilities have more impact and feel powerful). It also has better graphics due to it being in PC (unlike some people in this thread are saying haha). Mobile Legends is more accessible and easier though.
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