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  1. I think you should post forums about photography what world it is now and why it's hard to love someone with those questions was always searching in google search engine which can you to be an influence in these different areas of crafting forum also Instagram is the best influence because of the best photography I think thanks.
  2. I think it's better to last name hahahahh because I love my last name, also I don't want to call in my first name in school because I'm compatible with it or maybe I suggest asking your students what they want to call on their last name, middle name or first name thanks.
  3. i think wix cause its provide knowledge on how to build a website and also give tools that will enhance the design in every module of your website also there are so many steps by step procedure on how you do it just search it on google or YouTube and review what is the secret to having a good website in every field of e-commerce and etc.
  4. I don't know that platform maybe I should but when I search there are so many bugs review I think we review that thing is able to join that blog its say that if you register you will get 1$ dollar why? I don't know if it's legit plus provides more details about this site, thanks.
  5. I think to have a good laptop for gaming is you need to have 23k pesos but if you have a piece of knowledge about websites that sell second hand or brand new with a cheap price go for it, but if you need further details about buying a worthy aspect of laptop that exact to your budget thanks
  6. I suggest stemmit.com which provides social platforms about what is trending and helps every user to set up to date in every discussion or news also Facebook and Instagram is a good social media platform which provides good videos and stock photography to know more about the website just search it on google thanks I hope I can help you with your problem.
  7. I don't know that adobe premiere but my friend recommend that and he said its make HD videos better in terms of viewing movies and it enhances the pixels on a video or photos, but if you want that adobe I think you should study more about that for better-used thanks.
  8. I think its a computer problem or a malware that want to join to your personal computer blue screen error appeared because it detects a problem or a malware that could be damaged or attack on the computer for better use to your computer you should buy a premium antivirus software for your personal computer.
  9. I think monthly, because yearly payments have a long way to have your pay which is so bad for an employer i think monthly is because this is the best to give a payday. Yearly payment is so dumb because youl wait and wait after you get your payments its better to have than to wait it thanks.
  10. Hello welcome to this forum i hope that I can help you in your problems with doing such as website, troubleshooting and etc. I hope also that you can help me with that matters we should help everyone to have a good life Hahahahah thanks fo this i hope to see you on this forum seeking help for a specific problem
  11. I think it better to use some website for blogs because it gives ideas about what the world can be in my part, but if you want to a make a newbie website for the first time I think you should try first blogging before that, but if you have broad knowledge on how to build a good website go for it, but if not study first before creating because creating a website is not such that simple you need to have broad knowledge on what site or design can attract customer if the website is e-commerce also if the website is blog what topic could attract people curiosity.
  12. I think not because ticktock its a music video or something which not a good concept of influence I think it's better to have a campaign on what the worlds now and why nature influence us, we should make some app that thinks about world not an app that only fame a person for those dumb video crazy something.
  13. My interest making website is focused on what will new functions can be done on my part as programmer we should study first before making website sorry, I'm a beginner for this field, but I thankful to others which help you my tip to you when doing some website you should learn every detail on how to build a good website thanks.
  14. diolola456


    Testing is the part of duty that gets me so lazy because you should check error like some semicolon, bugs and etc., which make so much time to do that's why I hire some people that I know to do that. Also for the better system after you check your system recheck it again because there are so many minor errors that hard to find thanks for this question I hope that we can help you do this thanks.
  15. I make some YouTube videos, filming good photographs and learning about myself this late holiday season, which is a great way to spend time every day we should always appreciate all things in our life don't blame others on what they didn't have to be happy always and be honest to yourself good day guys I love you all.
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