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  1. During my free time. I always want to do something productive so that I won't regret it at the end of the day. I do household chores, clean the house during my free time. Sometimes I do freelancing because I want to earn at the same time. Sometimes I get tired with cleaning and freelancing, this is the time when I play MOBA and RPG games.
  2. Now in 2019, YouTube is making its pitch compared with Vimeo. Most of the users particularly in our country prefer the use of YouTube because they are already familiar with it and the user interface is more convenient to use and has lots of videos to watch. When people here are asked about the two, Vimeo won't sound a thing for most of the users though.
  3. Tablets are good especially in school presentations. They are handy and you just need to swipe whenever you want to turn the page of the powerpoint presentation. However, I still orefer the use of laptops. Laptops are better because it is more convenient to edit documents in laptop rather than tablets. Other than that, what tablets can do, can also be done by laptop in a faster and easier way.
  4. If I were to choose between the two, well it depends on where I am and what I am about to do. Laptop is morr useful to me. I go to different sites and use my laptop to do my tasks. Whenever I am at home I prefer to use desktop PC. Desktop computers have computing speed and is very reliable in terms of multitasking.
  5. I prefer laptops. In my work since I always go to different places, I always have my laptop with me. I just appreciate how much beneficial the mobility of laptop is especially in our industry and even to students. Desktops on the other hand are of great advantage also in terms of computing performance. However there are already laptops which are very high in price but are comparable in terms of performance with desktop computers.
  6. I once had an Arduino project. It was back then when I had an internship in a local salt company. It was not out of a hobby but a requirement to finish before we end our training in the company. What I did is that I created a wireless control system device that enables us to control solenoid valves either automatically or manually using a computer with Arduino UI. These valves are the ones that enable seawater to enter the pond or be blocked. Also it monitors the salinity (baume) of the seawater for the device to know whether it should let the sea water enter tge pond or not.
  7. This is a convenient way for firefighters to extinguish hazardous fires. They won't need to look for water source and lift hoses their up just to extinguish fire. What they only need in case the video is legit, is instead of using a truck, a smaller vehicle like L300 for example can be enough for them to be transported to the place where the fire incident is happening. This is better because it is easier for smaller vehicles to go along the streets rather than a fire truck. Besides, what the only need to bring is a bass sound source which might be a little bit bigger than what is shown in the
  8. Yes I have seen this in the social media as well. I was amazed by how much us humans can create something human-like inventions. It is a bit creepy though, the fact that they can dominate the world once these evolve into more advanced AI as what we used to see in movies like Terminator.
  9. Having these AI robots can have pros and cons for us humans. Robots can be beneficial in boosting the quantity of products produced in a factory. They can be of big help in doing household chores, making our home more secure and can be of great use in military purposes. On the other hand, having these robots can replace humans in factories, therefore could result to unemployment of some.
  10. As an employee, I tend to study new things especially those topics which are related to my work. You know, even if I already graduated with a degree, to learn new things is continuous. Internet is my way of learning new things especially when I was new to my work. I didn't have a mentor though. Internet is very essential as well to my social life. I have always kept in touch with my classmates in high school and college because of social media sites. Internet is indeed a bridge in building connections to your friends even though they are away from you.
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