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  1. An influencer simply means the power to draw people's interest to a certain thing which could be a product,brand or service. So naturally one should be able to have huge following or people patronizing ones interest. So if you want companies looking your way to be their influencer then start with huge following so as to be able to convince companies.
  2. You can make money by selling ad space to individuals and companies. I used to see this method of most effective since the user can't be suspended or denied payment with this method or better still one can try affiliate marketing program using the site without having much traffic.
  3. I think Facebook is still the number 1 social platform because it has 1 billion subscribers and they're alot of active users on it too. So if one needs a platform with very active users then using the Facebook platform is better.
  4. I prefer to own a laptop now since it is what I can use at a go.Laptop is portable enough to be carried from point to point. I noticed that it consumed less of my data than desktop and it very flexible as well. Laptop is a lot cheaper than a desktop.
  5. I like the act of money making on Instagram. People are really cashing out on Instagram from different ways of making money especially for being an influencer.one can use his or her account can be used to make plenty money .
  6. Definitely anyone can make good money from being on YouTube,what one need is to work hard and upload some very interesting or controversial videos that will help one to get good number of subscribers. Good number of subscribers means more money.
  7. I'm working online only for now and I'm loving it.i love to work anytime I really need to work and I'm not regretting it.online work as kept me away from domineering Bosses and very annoying workmates. I like it more since I can work from my confides of my home.
  8. I love to play games and watch movies. Anytime I'm idle or bored and I just need to shake this off self I will just play games or see a very interesting movie.
  9. I hate to be idle even in my idle time so i pllay games alot within such period. I'm a very good gamer so I spend my time playing all kinds of games which video games,mobile games,board games,online games etc.
  10. My two colors are blue and white but if I'm to choose one it will definitely be white.i like white because it very unique and can really make one stand out. White signifies purity and I love to be pure.
  11. Well stated,I think both should always be used because it will create utmost impact than any other way. Personally I like images or videos of any ads,it gives a better description and help capture our interest and focus.
  12. This is a good way of really securing our accounts online and most times to totally kept away Intruders. I have it in place for my Facebook and Bitcoin wallets. I haven't had any problem with my account since it was enabled.
  13. I know people like to use ad network to place targeted ads on their sites to make money but I really prefer direct ad placement from companies more.These offers come with more money and one can placed any ads and wouldn't need people clicking on it for payment to be made.
  14. Advertising offline for an online site or business is one way of having wider coverage for it.This is to say that one will capture both online and offline users and the presence of the business will be felt everywhere. We can never predict where larger portion of sales can come from.
  15. There are so many ways we can earn from having a site provided we can have good amount of traffic. One can use Google AdSense or any other good ad network like media.net. Selling ads space on the site, advertising on the site for sellers and companies.You can promote affiliate links on your site and could even ask for donations too.
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