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  1. Aside from basic HTML, of course. What programming language would you recommend a complete newcomer to learn in order for them to get their feet wet? Or is it all just subjective, and everyone might find one language to be easier than the others? What are your thoughts on the matter?
  2. I would love to learn C and C++, actually. I'd love to able to develop my own games during my spare time. I might take a course on it after I finish with my current post-graduate program, since the latter leaves me with little time for anything else. But I'm definitely open to learning more. I just want to take my time to ensure that I actually understand what I'm doing.
  3. Oh! I haven't heard of Bitlanders before, but it looks interesting thusfar. I think I'll look into it when I have the time. It looks like an interesting platform for both blogging. Thank you for sharing the link!
  4. Google's search engine, despite the recent scandals about Google deleting entries or accepting payments in order to boost certain websites up when a certain thing is searched for, is still one of the smoothest ones out there. It's quick and easy to use, and quirky enough to be interesting even if you're just browsing. There's a reason why 'Googling it' has become synonymous with searching for something online. Gmail is also another great product. Even though the recent changes in Hangouts are bit of a hit-or-miss affair, it's still a very sleek and professional email service.
  5. I've been looking for a gaming laptop to give to my niece, with decent specs and whatnot. Thing is, I'm not all too good with hardware, and I usually leave it to my brother to find the best buy. But I don't want my brother finding out that I'll be giving a pretty expensive piece of tech to my niece, so here lies the dilemma. Does anyone have suggestions? By 'budget' I mean reasonable for the performance of the machine. Thank you in advance!
  6. I prefer using my laptop for work and school since they're lighter to bring around. Furthermore, they have a lot functions and a lot of storage space for voluminous projects and the like. I tend to forget my USBs if I don't keep them in my bag, so I prefer saving them on google documents, as well as having a backup file on my laptop itself. Tablets are portable, but they're also more prone to being broken or stolen since they're usually left in the open when students use them outside of school. I still prefer laptops because of their bigger capacity.
  7. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, just a few of the well-known social medial platforms that are frequented by millions of people everyday. But there are smaller sites who are slowly but surely filling niches that the bigger sites might have neglected. Do you have any suggestions for alternative social media platforms which you think may become the next big thing?
  8. I really, really dislike the ads that look as though they have multiple means to close them, but only one of them really works. It's deceptive and there are times where clicking the wrong 'close' button ends up bringing me to an site with malware. It can get frustrating when I'm half-asleep or maybe paying attention to the content I'm supposed to be scanning, only to end up being redirected to a virus-laden website thanks to the ads. Another kind of ad that annoys me is the one that suddenly just plays videos. I work in an office where breaking someone's concentration can mean making them
  9. I prefer sticking to monthly plans if I'm not too sure about the prospects of my website, or it's still a fledgling sort of business or interest of mine. But if my business is established already and the host has a good reputation, I'd be tempted to go for a yearly plan. It depends on the situation, I think.
  10. Facebook is great for keeping up to date! I usually use it for the purpose of joining facebook groups for projects and the like. It's also a great way to keep in touch with other people since most of the folks I interact with have facebook accounts. It's great for finding local businesses too! A lot of them have begun posting products and maintaining facebook pages. This way, I can browse their goods before going there.
  11. I learned about SEO during one of my first jobs as a content writer for a company a few years back. Fortunately, I had a rather experienced team head who was more than happy to share her knowledge on how to optimize the content I created. Using that as a starting point, I did my own research and found a lot of articles online which helped me deepen my understanding of SEO. A lot of forums have newbie-friendly guides, and some blogs even specialize in SEO for the non-tech savvy. It's really a boon to have access to this kind of content.
  12. Currently, I do prefer to use facebook. It's easy to use and quite popular with almost all demographics. While it does get a little distracting with its easily accessible links, as well as the numerous interest-related entries into your feed, it's also the most convenient and versatile at the moment.
  13. Vine brought a lot of talent and personages into the public eye back when it was still functional. Given the similarity of Vine and the new short-video platform Tik-Tok, do you think the new site will encourage people to make the sort of content which would make them ideal as social media influencers? Or do you think that the hype's died down for that medium?
  14. Yes, I do believe that offline marketing can still be effective in advertising for online goods and services. Not everyone has access to the internet at all times, and while a fair percentage of the population already have smartphones, that doesn't remove the viability of offline marketing. The perception of people, and their reaction to stimuli, is what evokes reactions which in turn, generates interest. There is also the tech-adverse demographic, mainly those at the older end of the age spectrum, who would not be interested in scouring the internet for resources. It's all relative on wh
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