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  1. The last sport that I was into was lawn tennis. That was only before I got busy after college. It's been quite a long time.
  2. I actually haven't tried drinking beer. Honestly, I'm 25 and I'm afraid that if I start drinking it, I might get addicted to it. I also think that I have a low tolerance to alcohol as I get dizzy easily.
  3. I will never smoke. Though I would be challenged by problems in the future, I would never smoke. I have been to a cancer institute so many times in our city and I have seen many people who are so unfortunate with lung cancer, they are both smokers and nonsmokers. It's just so terrible to see secondhand smokers suffer because of people who smoke.
  4. I actually don't know any app for vlogging. Does it need one? Well, I would be glad to find out one here in the thread.
  5. Well, I need to earn extra money while I'm on my break from work. It's a good way to earn and very convenient.
  6. Well, I think that it will help us get an advantage. But, as they always say, being successful is a product of hard work. You cannot just display your degree and wait for good things to come.
  7. I'm not really a fan of animes. But, there are three animes that I really like. First, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, second, Special A and the third one is my most favorite, Attack on Titan.
  8. I have lots of favorite TV series on my list, starting from Asian Dramas to Western ones. But, I have to say that I am most excited about Stranger Things Season 3.
  9. Well, my plan is to always execute my daily plan. When it comes to my online job, I have to be productive to earn extra income. I have to save for my future travels.
  10. I am working online but not full time. I think that it is the best way to spend your free time. You are earning while you are holding your gadgets. I guess I prefer this than selling stuff and others on my workplace.
  11. I honestly am contented with the social media accounts that I have right now. As of the moment, I wouldn't try those rising media platforms as I'm sure that my friends haven't tried it yet. It would be meaningless if I enter a platform without any actual friend. Well, it's good to gain friends, but, isn't it great if you have someone who understands you in a sea of strangers?
  12. Mine would be blue. I love the coolness that it goes when I see it. I love all shades of blue too.
  13. Thank you to all of those who posted their comments and advices. Also, the links would help me as I too am a beginner.
  14. I have to say, why won't you even think that you're not safe? Just because you paid a lot for your Mac doesn't mean you paid for the viruses to avoid you.
  15. Well, I have to agree with the above mentioned comments. It's all about the brand and you pay more because of its trademark.
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