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  1. My favorite social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These three are the most widely used sites in our country and I can easily connect with my close friends and loved ones through them. There are days that I just constantly switch between these three apps because of the enjoyment the I feel when using them.
  2. Taking breaks from your freelancing jobs is very important. Your body does not have an infinite supply of energy. Time will come when your energy will be depleted and you will reap the consequences of overworking yourself. Give yourself time to rest so your body won't be put on the line.
  3. The main thing that motivates me to work online is my desire to provide for my family. I have a job but it's not enough to cover all of the expenses every month. Online jobs serve as my means for generating extra cash so that I can provide the necessities of my family.
  4. Nora

    Leisure time

    I dedicate my leisure time for my friends and family. I like it when I get to bond with them and do all sorts of fun activities. This is a great way to develop better relationships with them despite the inevitable breakthrough in technology.
  5. The movie that made me cry was Titanic. I was seriously in tears at the end of it. I am a very emotional person and the things that happened in the movie greatly touched me. Currently, Titanic remains my most favorite romance movie because of the impact that it had on my life.
  6. My favorite beer is Red Horse, the most famous liquor here in our country. I enjoy drinking it with my friends and helps give us a good time. It goes down smooth enough and I haven't experienced any unfavorable aftertastes.
  7. My favorite TV series is the The Big Bang Theory. I really love their humor and playfulness. Sheldon, Leonard, and the rest of the gang are very funny and knows how to act. I recommend this series to anyone who wants to have a good time. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
  8. This 2019, I'm planning on improving myself. I will focus more on myself and give myself the value that I deserve. I will spend more time on improving myself and doing the things that I enjoy. 2018 was a year which I dedicated to my friends and family. 2019 will now be focused on myself.
  9. I don't really like men who smoke. They are not only endangering their selves but as well as the people around them. It would be very inconsiderate and stupid of them to smoke especially if their loved ones are around.
  10. I spend most of my time with my family during the holidays. It's really fun really since we get to do enjoyable stuff. We get to do marathons of enjoyable movies and share laughter.
  11. When I have free time, I spend it by baking delicious and creative snacks for my children. I spend time with them by playing with them. I love my children so much that somehow I enjoy taking care of them.
  12. My knowledge regarding the said genre is somehow limited. Like the user before, I only know Bob Marley. Yes, he was a great artist but I still don't know that I would go further as to describe it as 'loving" reggae music.
  13. My favorite color is pink because I am a very girly person and somehow my daughter affected my attachment to the color pink because of the many pink stuff she owns. Pink is appealing to my eyes and I love it more when I see Disney princesses wearing dresses of the color pink. I love it so much and I don't care what other people will say of me.
  14. I love working online because it gives me the freedom to choose how I spend my time. I don't have to conform to specific work schedules. It's great really knowing that I can still take care of my children and have an income even though I am just at home.
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