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  1. I like most is their Google Adsense where in people were paid just by blogs, video blogs and more. This program of Google helped a lot o people financially. I really would love to be a member and earn but doing so is too hard for me. Another thing that I love in Google is that you can use your account as a file saver on games.
  2. We've discussed Web 2.0 on our subject 'Empowerment Technology's our teacher told us that Web 2.0 is a better version of Web 1.0, Web 1.0 is static and people cannot interact with it but then 2.0 is the opposite, people can interact with the page which makes it a lot of fun than the first web.
  3. Yes. Facebook is great and all. Here in the Philippines, it is free to use. People use Facebook as their medium on selling products to customers and they earn online. But then Facebook can also be the house of scammers, bullies, hackers and more. 2 billion Facebook users are a lot, each must think before they click in order to be safe.
  4. I prefer Facebook, maybe because I haven't used other social networks. In the Philippines, Facebook is free to use, you don't have to load your sim cards in order to use it. All of my friends are active in there, and it helps me a lot on communication. But Facebook nowadays is very toxic, people bashing each other, cyber bullying, scamming and more. The only thing that I like in Facebook is memes, yet some memes are also connected in bashing, though it's bad, I've got nothing to do with it. People would do what they want to do.
  5. I only use Facebook mainly for communicating with friends cause it's free to use. It's a save of money because I don't have to buy credits in order to communicate. Another reason why I use Facebook is that I'll be able to be updated with what's going on with my friends and the country. I also enjoy reading memes it makes my day complete.
  6. Since there are many other ways to build a website, what made you interested on making one using HTML? I mean, it makes me so frustrated on letters, symbols and all. It's so hard to determine what's wrong on your work. How can you guys endure it and perform it perfectly? I'm very jealous of you guys.
  7. It's more better if you'll learn both HTML and HTML5. The more knowledge you'll gain the better skills you get. Though HTML is a constituent of neither audio and video while HTML5 can do both, HTML would make the other much more excellent than only including itself.
  8. I did not travelled this end of the year but I do hope so I'll travel in the future. I definitely want to go and travel to Japan, and there I would welcome a new year wearing a beautiful kimono while watching fireworks lit up the sky. And since I love anime, I would roam around town and buy lots of anime merchandise.
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