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  1. Helping my family is my motivation. I work to earn for them.
  2. What are my hobbies? My hobbies are playing piano, guitar and scrabbles.
  3. San Miguel beer is the most popular beer here in our place. I heard before there was gold eagle beer and beer na beer.
  4. Our government bans smoking in public places. Even inside the public utility vehicles, smoking is prohibited.
  5. If I fail to plan, I plan to fail. I will work out first to make a plan, then plan to succeed that plan.
  6. Hello Hammad! You are greatly welcome in this forum. Feel at home to share your posts. Have a blessed day to you!
  7. Hello Jeane! Nice to meet you in this forum. I am also to this site. Have a wonderful and blessed day!
  8. I will also prefer laptop. I think laptop is better than the tablet. I think the memory of the laptop is greater and bigger than the tablet. It is more formal.
  9. I think you don't have a choice if you are unemployed. You are to really be doing it full time. If there is a full time work then working online becomes a sideline only.
  10. I like the sport basketball. It is because it better motor skills and coordination: Free-throw shooting and jump-shooting are particularly helpful for training hand-eye coordination. Rebounding missed shots is another skill that requires a great degree of full-body coordination. The third basic basketball skill, dribbling, requires a finer degree of coordination. When first learning basketball, dribbling trains the hand-eye coordination; once that skilled is mastered, a player will no longer look at the ball while dribbling and the skill will become a pure motor coordination task.
  11. Hello there Jaymish! How are you today? I hope you are just doing good. See you around posting in this forum.
  12. There was a time that I almost joined every social media platform. But then because of busyness in life, I forgot to go through each one of them I only have time for two or three social media platform. I have learned then that it will really eat up all of your time if you will enter all those social media sites.
  13. Reviving your blog will be a great idea. I believe you can make it. It can be done with your full determination and patience to hurdle all the challenges you have shared.
  14. Hello Nerdindeed! I am also new in this forum. I also hope to learn a lot from you and other members of this great community. See you around too!
  15. Hello matthewjohn938! I like your name. It is biblical. I am happy to be part of this forum too. Have a wonderful and nice day!
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