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  1. I'm very interested to learn Python and PHP as they are very popular. I'm currently using C#, javascript and VB.Net but I'm still really eager to learn other programming. I have started studying PHP before but because of time constraint and resources I wasn't able to progress much. As with the Python, I'm still researching and learning the basics of it and hopefully be able to learn these two great programming languages. I'm planning to actually have a sample project with these two because I learn faster through practical application. I don't know which IDE to use yet and I really hope that I
  2. I doubt that there's still anybody who use it especially in this age where speed and performance are user's major concerns. I don't think that it has actually evolved over the past years because there's not much improvement in terms of functionality and usability. It is very slow compared to other programming and I'm actually starting to question why Microsoft hasn't switched to a more sophisticated browser where it can compete with others. I actually just open it when there's a setting that I need to tweak because it is still the default browser used by Microsoft in programming environment bu
  3. I think we all work online because of the opportunity and the higher pay rates compared to offline jobs. What I really like about working online is that you feel valuable to your client because I really feel like I'm being paid because of my skills no matter if the task is easy or not. Actually I have an offline day job and works online at night. There are times that it is really tiring and stressful but it gives you a sense of accomplishment especially when your client appreciates your job. Most people spend their time on social media, streaming sites, playing games or doing other stuff but I
  4. Hello everyone. I'm also new here and I'm expecting to learn some new insights as well as share mine. I believe this is a great place to share ideas. I'm also from the Philippines and working as an online freelance programmer. I haven't worked with Python before but it's a programming that's great to learn as it is becoming really popular. You are in a good start learning Python and just enjoy it; that's the key I think :-). Even if you are still a student, you can try creating sample applications and build your portfolio because that will give you an advantage in the future. Have a great day!
  5. Well it depends on the need and use. Tablets are more handy and portable but it also has a lot of limitations. When you are more on school papers and projects I would say that Laptops would be better. There are actually tablets nowadays that has the capabilities of an actual laptop but it's not overall flexible. I mean there are programs you might need that won't be compatible with a tablet. If you want something handy and portable then go for a netbook which has the same power and capabilities of a laptop but just smaller in size. I also find Laptops to be more convenient to use but it depend
  6. I'm currently working as a part time freelancer online but there was a time where I worked full time online. I can say that it really pays good depending on the kind of job you have and has lots of advantages. You can work remotely at the comfort of your home and you can chose to work anytime of the day or whenever you felt like it as long as you are able to complete the job on time. After working full time for almost a year, I decided to look for a local full time job and make online freelancing a part time job. Working online really pays higher compared to local jobs here but I have to look
  7. Yes it is very much possible to learn programming on the internet. Those are so called self-learned skills and there are already a lot of programmers out there who already learned through the net. It only depends on your commitment and dedication because it is not really easy especially for beginners. There may be a few talent out there who would say that they find it easy to learn but of course everyone of us has a different level of learning. I suggest that you try to understand first the concepts of the the programming language you are trying to learn because it will be very helpful for you
  8. Yes Microsoft Edge is better but it still has a lot of issues and bugs. Still isn't as reliable as Google Chrome. It can be said that Microsoft Edge is like a band-aid to their failed IE browser. Also, Google Chrome is a lot way better in terms of security compared to other browsers.
  9. Actually I have both a Laptop and a Desktop computer and there are both pros and cons but I prefer to use my Desktop more. I only thing I like about Laptops is that they are portable. Desktops though can be said to be better in terms of performance and they are easy to upgrade. Laptop parts are also more expensive than Desktop parts that is why I really take good care of my Laptop. I also find Desktop to be more comfortable and convenient to use since it has wider screens and better keyboard keys. Whenever I'm at home I seldom use my Laptop and only use it for work. I think we all have our pre
  10. Google Chrome is still the best choice for me. I used to like Mozilla Firefox before but I think it gets slower. I don't how it is performing right now because I haven't used it for quite a long time now. Since I switched to Google Chrome I didn't encounter much problem. There are times that it consumes a lot of resources like RAM or processor but it gets fixed but updating. I have also upgraded my computer so I don't encounter such problem anymore. IE is probably the worst among the browsers and it wasn't able to catch up among its competitors. In my experience, Google Chrome is the smoothest
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