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  1. Yeah same here. But it's always nice to get a peak at what's to come from the site earlier then others.
  2. Fair enough, the review has been typed up and posted now.
  3. So after much wear on my really bad keyboard I though I would treat my self to a new and fancy one. Seeing as I game I looked into the logitech gaming series, knowing that logitech are a good brand I knew what I'm paying for wasn't bad. So I bought a G110 the lowest model for around the £45 mark. Features: Custom-color backlighting. Game/desktop mode. Twelve programmable G-keys. 36 unique commands. Integrated USB audio. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub port. Instant media access. Removable palm rest. My overall view: After playing with this keyboard for a bit I foun
  4. Type it up tomorrow then.
  5. Would you guys be interested in a review of the logitech G110 gaming keyboard?
  6. thats good to know that Shaunno was able to help you out. :thumb-up:
  7. anyone interested in a google + invite put your gmail here. not to sure on how many I can invite.
  8. With the M6900 one light turns off if you turn the setting down.
  9. I know what you mean but the lights are only there to indicate what DPI you're on.
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