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  1. I think google chrome is a great overall browser compared to the others. Internet explorer is not as fast as google chrome, and safari is exclusive to apple products, so it would not even be possible for me to get it on my windows laptop. I have not had much experience with the other browsers like Firefox, but google chrome seems to be the mainstream browser on any laptop or computer I use in places like the college, or a hotel.
  2. Another great website is edx online courses. They have several different programming courses you can choose from. In the summer, I started the Intro to Python course. The course teaches the information well and it is easy to understand. In addition you get to practice too, so you are applying the information you learn.
  3. Working online is great for anyone. Some online jobs can earn you the same as working at a store from 9-5. With many online jobs, you get to pick your own hours as well which is a big advantage. Many people work online for different reasons too. Some work online as a supplement to their income, some work online for their income, some work online just to make extra cash in their free time. Whichever reason, I think working online is a great way to utilize your time instead of wasting it doing something which has no benefit.
  4. In my idle time, I try to be productive and not waste any time. If i'm not doing school work, I will probably do micro tasks online, read a book, or exercise. Idle time can be a great blessing because of the things you can do that you would not be able to do if you worked constantly or had a lot of commitments. I try to get some benefit out of my free time, so that if I don't have the free time anymore, at least I can be content with the way I spent it.
  5. I have not used internet explorer in a very long time. I generally use Google Chrome for the internet. If I want to see the news, I open up Microsoft edge because there is a whole bunch of news immediately when you open the application. Internet explorer is not even on my dashboard, so I completely forgot about it's existence.
  6. I am very grateful for my ability to travel places with my family. Recently, I traveled to Victoria, Canada. It is a lovely city with very friendly people. Canada in general is very environmentally friendly and they care a lot about the environment which is a nice thing to know. Victoria is also a short drive away from very beautiful mountains and views. There was a hike that me and my family went on, and at the top of the hike, it seemed like I could see the entire landscape.
  7. I think a good degree can go a long way, but it depends on what the degree is. Going to a 4 year college and getting a degree can help boost your chances of getting a job in that field. Not only that, but it can help you get a higher paying job because of the fact that you have that degree. The only thing about having a degree is that you should have some experience with it. Many companies prefer experience over your degree or level of academic accomplishments. While a degree can help you, having experience along with the degree can be a big booster in terms of finding jobs and being fina
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