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  1. Our desktop that we bought in 2009 is still running on Windows XP. I have to agree that it is one of the best OS by Microsoft that it is really sad to be phasing out in favor of the higher version of Windows. We tried to upgrade the OS to Windows 7 but there were unresolved issues particularly the old programs which wouldn’t run properly. With the BSOD, yes, I had posted a thread about it with some sites that wouldn’t open and would cause the blue screen to appear.
  2. Do you believe that AI will be taking over the world in a decade or so? That most jobs will be handled by robotic arms with AI as their brain? Maybe the doomsayers are basing their prediction on the Terminator movie when the world was ruled by the machines. For me AI is progress and will vastly improve the life of humans since they can do not only the dirty work but also the routine jobs like the factory work and humans can be the supervisors and managers.
  3. This topic is not relevant to me but I just want to share the experience of my husband in quitting smoking. He started smoking at age 16 and when he was 52 he was able to quit just like that - no withdrawal symptoms. And to test himself he just let his pack of cigarette stay in the car and the carton of cigarette in his office drawer. His lighter was in his pocket. After one month he gave away his cigarettes and lighter. The reason for quitting? He felt difficulty of breathing and thought he was having a heart attack. He fervently prayed that if he would live then he will not smoke again. And
  4. The video is making waves in blogging that more and more bloggers are becoming vloggers maybe because the video is now easier to produce. It is no surprise that videos will also be more popular in the advertising industry. But for a user like me the video is not appealing. The main reason is the amount of time that I have to spend for the video while the image is easy to see. Even at a glance I already get the gist of the advertisement.
  5. I will take note of webs dot com because I am planning to create a website on Wix this month. It is for the affiliate marketing that I will embark on that will also include the revival of my old blog. But maybe I should also evaluate the other free websites which may be more appropriate for my needs. I have yet to check on Wix but it looks good based on the ads in Facebook that I saw.
  6. Our office is upgrading all computers to Windows 10. My official laptop is presently running on Windows 7 and I am quite content but I couldn’t go against the policy of upgrade. However the tech in our department said that I will be given a new laptop because my present laptop has license only for Windows 7. What I understand is that they cannot install Windows 7 on my laptop because of the license. That got me confused so I am posting this here before I talk to the tech again. What if the hard disk is broken then the new hard disk is empty and therefore installing a new OS is simple,
  7. I also believe that content need not be very long because the quality of the content is more important than the length. If you have a one-page content but with full of information especially unique items that are not common will give your web page a better ranking in the search engines. With the blog I guess high ranking blogs with hundreds of thousands of traffic will give you quality backlinks. Posting on those blogs is easier to do than trying to post in authority sites.
  8. I have been reading that an Instagram influencer can earn not just hundreds but a thousand dollars with only 1 post holding a particular product. That is the same as the product endorsers on tv. That was the motivating factor why I checked on Instagram. Unfortunately an influencer should have at least 50,000 followers. Gee, that’s a tough requirement because even in Facebook I only have less than 1,000 friends and just a few hundred followers. What ideas can you share to be an Instagram influencer?
  9. I guess it is only Adsense that I know how a website can earn. Before the popularity of Facebook I remember that some websites were dependent on donations to cover the overhead expenses. But now I guess there are many ways for the website to earn as stated in the comments above. However Adsense is still the best means of monetization because it is stable and legitimate considering that it is owned by Google.
  10. I used to have an offline boutique and I think I have been doing that upselling. But my style is to bundle the products like the soap and shampoo plus the lotion. With clothes it is the blouse and skirt or slacks. I didn’t know that it is called upselling. I have plans to put up an online store but I am still in the process of studying the market and the nuances since an online store is fully dependent on the delivery.
  11. I have been looking around for ways to block hackers from hitting my computer. To be honest, it is scary for the computer to be hacked much more when the hacker is malicious that he might use my database for mischief. They say that I have to make my password difficult and it should be changed regularly. But that is the protection for my accounts like email and social media account. What about my computer, is it the network that should be protected?
  12. My Facebook account is only for personal use in connecting to the people who are related to me particularly those who are staying abroad. I was not really keen on using Facebook before until I learned that it is a good way of keeping in touch with people. Now I can see the posts of my relatives and friends to let me know that they are doing okay. The same with me, I also post regularly just to touch base and I only post several photos when there is an occasion. However I do not use the chat feature except for very important matters only because I know that it can be addictive and I don’t have
  13. Our Youtube channel was earning $100 in less than a year. Considering that we are not very active in posting videos that earning was quite good. Unfortunately Adsense had put a minimum requirement for a channel to earn – at least 1,000 subscribers and a number of viewing hours. We are now trying to increase our 400 or so current subscribers but it is not easy. Maybe if we are lucky to have a viral video then the earnings will be back.
  14. So far it is only Instagram that made waves as a new social media in the big league. There are countless of newcomers but social media is a unique industry because the players are dependent on the number of users. There is one social media that is getting more users every day but it is not a regular social media because the members earn something. The earnings is what makes it popular. Pardon me if I do not name it here.
  15. We had upgraded the operating system of our desktop from Windows XP to Windows 7. It is an old desktop and fortunately there was no issue in the installation process. However when we tested the old programs, most were not running properly. The tech in the office said we can tweak the program to adapt to the new operating system. But after tweaking the programs still do not run properly. Our only recourse was to revert back to Windows XP. Do you have an idea why that is happening? Our desktop’s processor is 32-bit only.
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