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    The best PC game that I always addicted at is League of Legends, everyday I spent 3-5 hours playing. I started playing League of Legends when I was in my 8th grade and I'm 14 that time. But during my 10th grade and 11th grade I stop playing 'cause I focused on my studies and now that I am in 12th grade I started playing again. I also played Rules of Survival this vacation and it also an addicted game.
  2. I really love League of Legends, I always play it everyday and buy new skins every sale. Some players are friendly if you are a good gamer and if you don't, all your teammates are cursing at you because you are ruining their game play and can lower their ranked (if their are playing ranked games).
  3. The new gaming phone that I love is the Asus ROG Phone. It has 8gb RAM that works like a computer in a phone and it has a 128gb and 512gb internal storage. I plan it ti buy when I grow up and it have many accessories that turns the phone into computer, connect to television and dual screen.
  4. I really love Google Chrome, I've been using it for years because of it's accessibility and convenience. I've tried the Internet Explorer but it does not have many sites unlike Google Chrome.
  5. I really love Facebook, thru Facebook many people are still connected with each other even they are in other country. Facebook is the medium of communication nowadays, many people used it for studies, personal, especially at work.
  6. Social Media is good it gives us entertainment in our everyday lives. But I think the only problem is the user because they can't control themselves using their social media even at work or any other important places.
  7. For now, Facebook because of it's accessibility and many people are using Facebook as their one of the social media account. Just like any other social media, Facebook have many purposes, you can call from Facebook Messenger to reach out your family members out of the country.
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