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  1. DOTA 2 is a lot harder than Mobile Legends. I've played both games before because of my boyfriend and I was easily hooked with DOTA 2. The graphics are amazing and it really needs such skill for one to win. However, in Mobile Legend, all one needs is a fast and stable internet connection which is something that's hard to avail in my country. The graphics are gradually getting better and so are the heroes available. Buying skins are a lot harder in Mobile Legend because not everyone has the connection to pay for it through bank accounts. In DOTA 2, steam wallets are easily found in computer gam
  2. I like how Instagram is all about the media content of users. The fact that it only lets one post videos and pictures, makes it more share-able to the crowd. The effects are also continuously being updated and the sub-applications that is included in its app are all fun and very modern. Instagram was the first popular social media site to have stories or posts that people don't want in their feed but still want to share what they did within a day to the world. Even online selling can be done in Instagram. With this, people on Instagram gain a lot of interests and ideas.
  3. Initially my favorite color was black. But my friends told me black isn't a color, but a shade. So overtime, I grew my love for the color blue. In our psychology class, we were taught that blue symbolizes calmness, which is something that I always look for when in pressure. Intelligence, a quality that is very essential to surviving and lack of emotion which is something that is externally vivid in me. Although the color blue does not fit me when it comes to clothing, I like to keep my accessories and my little things within the shade of its colors.
  4. YouTube, definitely. It's because YouTube offers a lot of videos without the need for an account. Unlike Vimeo wherein you need an actual account and some videos aren't even available in your country. With YouTube, the choices are bigger and the width of the screen depends entirely on the watcher. The buffering time for the videos to load is also longer in Vimeo, which is a con for me. As a watcher, I'd always prefer to watch videos without any pauses. That's something that's pretty hard to do on Vimeo.
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