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  1. You may do on page SEO, do blogs and write useful and creative content. Use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You may advertise with hashtags to increase traffic and visitors. And never forget to use catchy and witty headlines.
  2. Yes, it is very possible to learn basic programming through the internet. There are a lot of sites which offers coding courses for free such as CodeAcademy, edX, Git Hub, and MIT Courseware to name a few. There are tons of places that offers you how to code. However, please do not really too much on those sites. You also need to invest on critical thinking and analysis to help yourself up since with all these free information, you my get overwhelmed and confuse yourself.
  3. The best budget gaming laptop that I have scouted are Asus ROG, MSI and HP Pavillion which roughly around, more or less, $1,000.00. For me, I'd rather play on a desktop for its larger screen. However, laptop is my go to when travelling.
  4. I believe social media is good. It entertains you, informs you and sometime annoys. You just have to balance things and not let it influence your life too much. For example, we tend to believe too much on social media influencers that we tend to copy what they do, eat, drink etcetera. It goes to a point of addiction that we wont be happy anymore with what we have because we tend to copy what those whom we idolize have. At that point, social media becomes a stressor and is not good anymore. Everything we do should be in moderation and we always have to keep in mind that the real world out ther
  5. I use Facebook a lot, every single day. I use to check and update on my family and friends. We exchange messages and calls using the Facebook messenger. I play the games like candy crush and farm heroes saga. My school also post important announcement in the group page. So yes, Facebook for me is indispensable. It's very helpful. I get to call people overseas for free. I just have to pay for the internet though. I also bought things online through Facebook and get to watch videos as well.
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