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  1. Friends! I waited for a week to solve my problem but no one was able to help me in this forum. Fortunately, I got the solutions from other web development forums
  2. Guest posting in simple words is "Writing article and blogs on other websites to improve your brand authority" It matters most in SEO for getting backlinks. This is top off-page SEO process that is widely used.
  3. Hi, Freinds! I have a big problem related to my SEO work. I'm working on my company site that was completely on WordPress. A couple of weeks ago our developer has transfer main site to HTML site and kept a blog to the same WordPress by transferring in new folder "/blog". Now, I'm facing big issues. I don't have much knowledge regarding development and our developer are not taking this seriously. The problem is I tried to redirect old blog URLs, which are getting huge organic clicks, to new blog URLs through WordPress redirect plugin but it is not working. I want to know how can I redirect old URL to a new one. URL Structured: OLD URL: mysite.com/ctaegory/postname NEW URL: mysite.com/blog/postname Waiting for your solutions!
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